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How to Cope With Gambling Addiction

If you are addicted to gambling, you may want to find out about the best ways to cope with it. You can learn about the game’s odds, the consequences of excessive gambling, and effective treatments for the problem. Below are some tips to get you started. Read on to learn more. Also, don’t forget to learn more about Gamblers Anonymous, a 12-step recovery program modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous. Joining this organization means finding a sponsor, a former gambler who is willing to give you advice and support.

Game of chance

A gaming session is a type of gambling in which players make bets based on luck. Some examples of this type of gambling are parlour derby games and filly stakes. A gaming session does not require a gambling licence if the prize money or the turnover is less than $25,000. Otherwise, the gaming session is a Class 1 or Class 2 gambling activity, depending on the total prize money. This article will discuss the differences between these two categories of gambling.

A game of chance is gambling if a person bets on the outcome of a chance contest, lottery, or a future contingent event. It is also gambling if a prize is less than $500 and the participant does not win anything. Some types of gambling are legal but many governments consider them illegal. This is a great reason for the varying definitions of gambling. Despite the difference, all games of chance are gambling.

Odds of winning

When you bet on sports, you must know the odds of winning. The odds of winning are the ratios of the likelihood of an event occurring. They can be useful for sequential decision making. If you are betting on a horse race, for example, the odds of winning are two to five. On the other hand, the odds for a football match are two to one. Hence, you should be aware of the odds before betting.

The odds range from 0 to infinity. Probabilities are usually represented as a percentage between zero and one hundred percent. They are related to probability through simple formulas. The odds for winning are the chances of winning; the odds against winning are the chances of failure. A successful bet will increase the odds of winning. This is a great benefit to people who enjoy gambling. It is possible to find out the odds of winning without too much work.

Problems caused by excessive gambling

Excessive gambling has many negative effects, including financial loss, poor mental health, and relationships with family and friends. It may even lead to mental health problems and suicide attempts. Problem gamblers often have substance abuse problems and personality disorders, as well as depression and anxiety. Other health problems associated with compulsive gambling include bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and attention deficit disorder (ADHD).

While the causes and mechanisms of problem gambling remain unclear, the social ecological model provides a framework for examining the social factors that lead to problem gambling. This framework considers individual-level biological, social, and cultural factors as well as gambling-specific institutions and environments. Gambling-related social networks are also considered factors. Moreover, they can be used to develop preventive measures. For example, a social ecological model may help individuals understand how they become addicted to gambling and how to stop it.

Treatment options

There are several effective treatment options available to people with gambling addictions. The most widely known and accessible is Gamblers Anonymous. Depending on the severity of the problem, other types of therapy may be useful. These programs focus on cognitive behavioral therapy, which aims to change negative beliefs about gambling. A few other types of treatment, including family therapy, may also help those with gambling addictions. However, choosing the right type of treatment is crucial, as there are many different types.

Problem gamblers usually have problems dealing with reality, such as immaturity or emotional insecurity. Moreover, a person struggling with gambling addiction may be preoccupied with the activity, and may even lie about it or resort to illegal behavior. It is essential to note that co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety may accompany the gambling addiction. Consequently, it is important to seek professional help for this condition, as it requires intensive care and therapy.

The Impacts of Gambling

There are many different impacts of gambling, which can be observed at an individual, interpersonal, and community level. The social and financial implications of gambling can affect the gambler’s family and friends, as well as work colleagues. Gambling has negative financial and social consequences, and it can lead to homelessness and bankruptcy. In many cases, gambling becomes a major source of enjoyment and socialization. The effects of gambling are not only personal, but can also lead to a host of other negative consequences, such as increased risk of injury and illness.

Impact of gambling on society

In this book, Gerda Reith explores the history of gambling attitudes. While her analysis of the social and economic benefits of gambling is interesting, she fails to capture the dramatic ebb and flow of gambling over the past two centuries. She also discusses the psychological and ethical issues that are associated with problem gambling. While gambling is certainly an important part of the entertainment industry, its negative impact on society needs more research and discussion.

Signs of problem gambling

A sign of problem gambling is an extreme or excessive need to gamble. The gambling habit is not only unhealthy, but it can also have serious consequences for the person affected. An addiction to gambling can be as severe as destroying relationships and finances. Listed below are some signs of problem gambling. However, you should always remember that problem gambling is not something that happens to every person. Some people are able to control their behavior and never engage in this behaviour, while others can’t stop completely.

Common forms of gambling

Problem gambling is not common, but it does exist. Most problem gamblers are involved in casino gambling, e-games, and bingo. Other forms of gambling may also be a problem for some individuals. While not all gambling is harmful, these activities are particularly addictive. However, they can cause significant financial and emotional distress. To reduce gambling-related problems, individuals must learn how to limit the amount of time and money they spend on these activities.

Prevalence of problem gambling

To determine the prevalence of problem gambling, researchers analyzed a sample of 2,274 U.S. residents, ages 14 to 21. They found that 68% had gambled in the past year, while 11% gambled more than twice per week. The prevalence of problem gambling varied by gender and age, with higher rates found among males. Gambling involvement was also more common among older people. The prevalence was lower among blacks and low socioeconomic status (SES) respondents.

Legalization of gambling in the United States

As the number of land-based casinos increases in the northeast, there has been a push for expansion of gambling in these states. Maryland and Pennsylvania both recently opened casinos and created competition for New Jersey’s casinos. The recession, however, has put pressure on states to boost their revenue and close budget deficits. The commission has recommended expansion of gambling. Among the issues that remain are the ethics of gambling and whether it is morally acceptable.

Legalization of gambling in Canada

Online casinos in Canada have the same rules as their land-based counterparts, but the main difference is that the government must collect taxes from their users. This tax is small or non-existent for most Canadians. In addition, there are not many deposit and withdrawal methods available at online casinos. Those that are in Canada should check with their province to see what their legal gambling age is. After all, the Internet is the most popular place to gamble.

Impact of gambling on university environments

Research has identified several aspects of the impact of gambling on university environments. The most obvious impact is monetary; however, there are also societal and community-level impacts. These factors include the costs of infrastructure and employment, and changes in value and financial situations. The impacts of gambling on universities and other institutions may include physical and mental health, as well as reduced performance and job growth. Regardless of the level of impact, research findings can help inform decisions about how to deal with the problem.

The Impact of Gambling

The impact of gambling is categorized into three categories, namely the economic, interpersonal, and societal impacts. The financial impact manifests itself as tourism and other industry impacts, infrastructure costs, and changes in value and financial situation. The societal impact manifests itself as a change in the level of economic activity. The impact on labor includes reduced performance and productivity, but job gains are also possible. The health and well-being impacts, meanwhile, are the physical and mental well-being of individuals.

Economic growth

In recent years, casino gambling has exploded across the USA. This activity has been credited with positive impacts on state economies, especially in areas where tax revenues are low. However, there are few studies that explore the relationship between casino gambling and economic growth. The data in the present study are based on annual and quarterly panel data, which is not representative of the entire U.S. population. The study also found that casinos do not necessarily increase local per capita income, despite their claims to do so.

The effects of casinos on economic growth vary according to their density and type. Casinos without hotels are called convenience casinos, while casinos with hotels are called destination casinos. While destination casinos are typically argued to be beneficial to local economies, convenience casinos are detrimental to growth because they rely on local gamblers. The latter are especially vulnerable to cannibalization, because they can suffocate dollars from other businesses. But if the casino is located close to a major city, economic growth should outpace the number of casinos in the area.

Social impacts

Although gambling is a popular activity worldwide, it has social and economic costs that go beyond the gambler’s individual experience. The results of gambling impact studies can be useful for researchers and policymakers when comparing different policies and practices. In a public health approach, researchers look at the overall health and social impact of gambling across the continuum of severity. Other studies have developed principles for the evaluation of gambling impacts. Let’s examine some of them.

The impact of gambling on society is a complex question. There are many social and economic benefits to casinos, although a significant amount of research is lacking. The majority of studies have focused on the effects of casinos on local communities. There are no studies that quantify the social impacts of casino expansion in every state. However, there is a large gap between the negative and positive social impacts of casino expansion. For example, in New York and Pennsylvania, the expansion of casinos in the state of Pennsylvania and the creation of a second casino in New Hampshire have both had positive and negative impacts.


Casinos and gambling have long been associated with illegal activity, and there are plenty of stories of crime in the industry. Though the activity is legal in many places, it remains linked to the criminal element. The following are some of the ways that crime has crept into the gambling industry. Let’s look at each of these ways in more detail. Here are just a few of the most common forms of gambling crime. And remember, these crimes aren’t limited to casinos.

The federal government has various agencies tasked with investigating illegal gambling. Federal agencies including the FBI and the U.S. Marshalls are responsible for prosecuting federal criminal cases involving gambling. Many FBI agents are specifically tasked with investigating gambling cases. In addition to this, organized crime task forces often lead these investigations. However, in minor cases, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) can step in. But even if these crimes are rare, they still can result in criminal charges.

Financial harms

The economic and social harms of gambling have long been debated, but this new approach addresses these effects. Although gambling is often associated with negative outcomes, it also has positive effects on communities. Despite these benefits, the social costs of gambling remain hidden, resulting in an underestimation of the overall impact. While the positive effects of gambling are widely acknowledged, the negative effects of gambling are largely ignored. The evidence on gambling harms will help governments formulate effective public policy to protect vulnerable communities.

There are three types of financial harms associated with gambling: individual, interpersonal, and societal. Individual-level costs are often invisible and can be seen in changes in economic activity, tourism, and values. Social-level costs may be more visible, and may include changes in the health and wellbeing of individuals. Both monetary and nonmonetary costs are a result of the overall cost/benefit of gambling to society. In addition, the social costs can be seen in the social consequences of problem gambling.

The Impacts of Gambling on Individuals, Crime, Employment, and Social Relations

This article will discuss the impacts of gambling on individuals, crime, employment, and interpersonal relationships. It also discusses the social aspects of gambling, including the benefits and drawbacks of visiting a casino. The benefits of gambling are not universal, and young people should understand how to minimize the risk of addiction. A common family activity, gambling is also linked to social possibilities. However, the social benefits of gambling are not necessarily positive. In addition to social benefits, gambling can also lead to a host of negative effects, particularly when it comes to young people.

Impacts of gambling on individuals

The effects of gambling on individuals and society are multi-faceted and often viewed from several perspectives. They occur at the personal, interpersonal, and societal levels, and can range from a single individual’s well-being to the social and economic health of the entire community. Moreover, gambling affects the life course of a person, affecting many family members and close friends. Furthermore, problems associated with gambling may also lead to homelessness and bankruptcy, and the social and economic costs of problem gambling can be enormous.

Impacts of gambling on interpersonal relationships

Researchers have looked at the effects of gambling on interpersonal relationships and found that problem gamblers rated their friends and family members’ involvement with gambling higher than the other groups. These individuals also reported feeling more alienated than those without gambling problems. However, these same individuals also felt more comfortable gambling in social networks where gambling norms were favorable. For this reason, these researchers continue to study how gambling affects interpersonal relationships. They hope to find an effective treatment for problem gambling that addresses these underlying issues and helps individuals build healthy relationships.

Impacts of gambling on crime

The impacts of gambling are hard to measure, but they are widespread. The consequences of excessive gambling affect families, friends, and communities. Problem gamblers can lead to homelessness and financial distress. Businesses, which provide jobs and other necessities to society, can suffer as well. It is not surprising, then, that the government would seek to regulate gambling. But how do we do this? What are the best ways to reduce gambling-related crime?

Impacts of gambling on employment

The effects of gambling on employment are multifaceted, but they generally fall into three categories: individual, interpersonal, and societal. While the costs of problem gambling can be considerable, their positive effects may be harder to quantify. Social impacts of gambling, for example, may include increased productivity and decreased performance, as well as societal benefits. As such, it’s important to understand the full range of the consequences of problem gambling, and the costs and benefits associated with it.

Impacts of gambling on community

The impacts of gambling on community are extensive, affecting many aspects of a community. Some of these impacts are direct, while others are indirect, such as the negative impact on the economy and social environment. This report proposes a conceptual model to understand gambling’s impact, one that is based on the concept of harm, and which aims to identify the economic and social costs of gambling in different communities. However, the effects of gambling on community may vary, depending on the context in which it is observed.

Insurance and Gambling

Insurance is another form of risk transfer that is similar to gambling. Insurers calculate premiums based on actuarial methods, which are similar to the mathematical formulas used in gambling. They set premiums in order to generate a positive expected return over the long term. Professional gamblers carefully select bets based on the probabilities that they will win, and they also display cognitive and motivational biases. If you are tempted to gamble, consider what factors can help you avoid it.

Three elements of gambling

Gambling involves placing value on an uncertain future event. There are three basic elements of gambling: consideration, risk, and prize. These three elements work together to determine the chances of success. Understanding them can help you make informed decisions about your gambling activity. You may even want to consider gambling strategies to maximize your chances of winning. The following are some ideas to keep in mind. Consider risk and reward before you place your bets. Ultimately, you must decide if the potential rewards are worth the risk.

The first element of gambling is the opportunity to win something of value. While many states have legalized gambling, there are still some states that do not. These states will analyze these activities before allowing them to operate. Generally, they require the same three criteria: the opportunity to win something of value, an element of chance, and a prize. If you decide to conduct your own gambling activities, ensure that you do not have bad intentions and avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Legality of gambling in some states

Although most US states have legalized gambling, the legality of betting on sports in particular varies by state. While interstate gambling is banned, states are free to regulate the type of gambling within their borders. Sports betting and casino-style gambling are legal, although in-state collegiate games are not. In some states, tribal governments may run casinos and sportsbooks. Some states also prohibit casino-style gambling, but most allow native tribes to operate them.

While casino-style gambling is technically legal in some states, it is still illegal in many others. In the United States, private betting clubs are common and, despite a looming ban on gambling in Native American territories, the practice remains widely popular. Internet-based gambling is also extending this strategy. With the advent of online gambling, this practice threatens to penetrate homes and businesses. Although online casinos are often legal, some states have laws against them.

Ways to prevent a gambling problem

While treatment is an important part of addiction recovery, a gambling problem can be avoided by learning the signs and warning signs of an addictive behavior. Problem gambling can be prevented by not engaging in excessive betting, leaving cash at home, and avoiding places and people that offer gambling. Prevention of problem gambling begins with an awareness of what the signs of an addiction are and recognizing when you or a loved one might be at risk.

Talking to others about your gambling problem can help you identify if you’re losing control. Problem gamblers are more likely to lose control of their finances when they’re having a bad day. In these situations, you may feel compelled to take out a loan or borrow money. If you’re able to talk about your problem with others, the discussion will be less likely to turn into an argument. The person may feel relieved or defensive when you bring up the subject.

Five Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

If you feel that you might have a problem with gambling, you should seek help. There are many resources available to help you understand the behavior and find a solution to the problem. Unfortunately, there are no FDA-approved medications to cure this condition, though medications may help co-occurring disorders. Support from family and friends is essential to recovery. Although it may not be easy to give up gambling for good, only you can determine whether or not you want to stop.

Problem gambler

The DSM-IV criteria for problem gambling have undergone considerable revision since the first edition in 1980. Researchers now recognize that a person can have problem gambling without displaying any of the classic symptoms. While the original criteria based on Emil Kraepelin’s work are still valid, they have since been modified to be more evaluative. In one study, researchers surveyed 222 compulsive gamblers and 104 social gamblers, using cluster analysis to identify nine key symptoms of the disorder.

Unlike most addictions, gambling doesn’t produce any physical effect, making it a difficult addiction to recognize. A problem gambler may even pretend to be a social gambler. In either case, the person is engaging in a hidden addiction that no one can see or smell. In addition, a problem gambler doesn’t leave track marks or slurred speech. They are able to disguise their behavior as a legitimate form of entertainment or recreation.

Signs of problem gambling

Problem gambling is not something you have to deal with alone. Several warning signs are present when it starts to affect your life. While you may find gambling fun on occasion, you may become concerned if you can’t stop. If you feel anxious about quitting, seek professional help. Here are five signs of problem gambling. You may be addicted to gambling if you’re unable to stop or if you lie to yourself.

The gambler is obsessed with gambling, often gambling when they’re upset or stressed. They tend to return to it even after losing a significant amount of money. They may lie to protect themselves, and may even lose significant relationships and opportunities. The problem gambler may even begin to rely on other people for money, which makes it harder to manage other aspects of life. Despite these warning signs, many people who engage in problem gambling fail to recognize that they’re suffering from an addiction.

Treatment options for problem gamblers

There are many treatment options for problem gamblers, and the goal of such treatment is to help the problem gambler overcome the problems he or she is facing. There are many different types of treatment for problem gambling, but they all begin with acknowledging the problem and deciding to seek help. Self-help support groups can be an important part of any comprehensive recovery plan. Problem gamblers can also take advantage of support groups that are designed to help them develop healthy habits and avoid gambling-related debt.

Some people say that the Internet is a valuable tool for finding support and information for problem gamblers. However, these methods do not provide a proper diagnosis or replacement for a face-to-face evaluation by a trained clinical professional. A clinical professional can provide an individual with a thorough assessment and develop a personalized treatment plan based on the needs of the person with problem gambling. Individual therapy can help a problem gambler identify triggers and develop coping mechanisms that will help them overcome the addiction. In addition, group therapy can help problem gamblers develop a supportive community, which can be a valuable part of a comprehensive recovery plan.

Impact of problem gambling on society

While many studies have focused on the economic cost of problem gambling, there have been relatively few on the social costs. While it is possible to determine the economic cost of problem gambling, the social costs are often underestimated or under-estimated. According to Walker and Barnett, social costs refer to the cost of gambling to society as a whole rather than to the individual. The impact of problem gambling is therefore a multi-faceted issue that requires further analysis.

A recent survey showed that about 60% of problem gamblers were out of paid work in the past year. Of these problem gamblers, approximately 30% had received social benefits during the past year. Although the lack of work may be unrelated to problem gambling, literature indicates that problem gamblers are less productive in the workplace than those who did not experience such problems. As a result, these statistics are alarming, especially when considering that gambling-related crimes make up a small fraction of total partner violence.

Costs of Gambling

What are the effects of gambling? How can problem gambling be treated? How much does gambling cost society? This article aims to shed some light on these questions. Read on for more information. This article explores the social, financial and health costs of problem gambling. Listed below are the top 10 causes of gambling addiction and solutions. This article will also address treatments for problem gambling. Let’s start! Let’s discuss gambling. And remember that there is always help available for those who need it.

Impacts of gambling on people

Pathological gambling has several negative consequences and is often overlooked by clinicians. Gamblers are at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease, stress, and peptic ulcer disease. Pathological gamblers also have higher rates of anxiety disorders, major depressive episodes, and substance use disorders. The disorder can also lead to impaired decision-making and intense guilt. Social consequences include diminished productivity and strained relationships. Nevertheless, despite its negative effects, pathological gambling is treatable.

Gambling can have adverse effects on one’s mental health and physical wellbeing. People who gamble excessively are more prone to depression and suicidal thoughts. Gamblers who have tried suicide or have exhibited suicidal tendencies are at risk for this disease. Sleep deprivation is also a contributing factor. It can lead to pale skin, dark circles under the eyes, and acne. Further, the addiction can lead to a host of other physical problems.

Treatments for problem gambling

While many researchers and clinicians disagree about the efficacy of different types of interventions, there is some agreement that CBT can be highly effective in treating problem gambling. In one study, researchers randomized 99 patients with pathological gambling to six sessions of cognitive therapy, one session of behavioral therapy, and one 90-minute feedback session. The authors also noted that there was no difference between the two types of interventions when comparing the therapeutic effects of the two. Nevertheless, CBT may not be effective for every patient.

Although treatment for problem gambling can be difficult to receive, it can help patients regain control over their spending and relationships. It also can help them repair damaged relationships and finances. Some treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy, are more effective than others. They are recommended for those who are concerned about their financial situation, but some participants may resist them. The treatment focuses on replacing unhealthy beliefs with more positive ones. A typical ‘problem gambler’ is likely to affect four to six people in the community.

Costs of gambling

The costs of gambling affect both the gambling community and society as a whole. Social costs arising from problem gambling are many and varied. However, some forms of gambling are more costly than others. These costs are often overlooked, despite the fact that they are associated with higher gambling-related crime rates. The costs of gambling are widely debated and the approach taken by economists is not universally accepted. A comprehensive study of the costs of gambling is needed to assess its true costs to society.

The PC categorized gambling-related costs and benefits into two categories: social and internal. This distinction was made between rational and irrational behaviour. It also included the social costs of gambling, which are often intangible, including depression, relationship breakdowns, and suicide. The PC recognized that measuring social costs is difficult because they are intangible. Nevertheless, they provided a range of social costs and benefits. However, more studies should consider the costs of problem gambling.

Warning Signs of Excessive Gambling

There are several warning signs of excessive gambling. Although it may provide occasional amusement, it’s a bad habit if it becomes a habit. The following are some ways to spot problem gambling. You should also consider the health consequences of excessive gambling. You may feel guilty when you lose money while gambling but these signs may not be related to your gambling addiction. So, if you see your loved ones losing money, it’s time to seek professional help.

Problem gamblers

Among policymakers, industry officials, and gambling researchers is the perception that problem gambling has increased. They seek to collect data to determine how to best address this public health and medical issue. When talking about the prevalence of problem gambling, researchers consider the population as a whole and, in particular, the percentage of people who answer yes to seven of the questions. Although problem gamblers make up a small but significant proportion of the population, these numbers are of particular concern for some demographic groups.

The prevalence of problem and pathological gambling varies across the U.S., with estimates ranging from 0.7 to 3 percent. These numbers may be lower or higher than the actual prevalence, but the figures are well within the margin of sampling error. Although the data are not 100% reliable, they show a strong correlation with the severity of gambling disorders. Moreover, more than half of all problem and pathological gambling diagnoses occur in women.

Signs of problem gambling

Gambling addiction can be a difficult habit to break. While gambling is an occasional source of amusement, it can quickly become an obsession. While the gambler may not realize that it’s an addiction until they lose everything, it’s still a sign of a problem. Here are five signs of problem gambling that you should pay attention to. They may be telling you that they can’t stop gambling, or that they’re lying to themselves.

Problem gambling can range from no gambling to a serious addiction. While gambling can be a harmless form of entertainment for many people, it can quickly spiral out of control and end up causing serious problems for the individual, family, and others. Problem gambling can take many different forms and courses, and is usually accompanied by a range of behavioral symptoms. Some people may not gamble at all, or they simply don’t have the money to pay for losses.

Ways to prevent problem gambling

A significant challenge in problem gambling prevention is the lack of awareness of the dangers of gambling. While substance abuse prevention programs have no trouble identifying the dangers of alcohol or drugs, problem gambling can be more difficult to prevent, because most people do not realize that it can have serious consequences. Advertising for gambling products may make it appear that it is a harmless form of recreation, which is contrary to the truth. Therefore, it is important to identify signs of gambling addiction early, and to intervene if a person begins to exhibit problem gambling symptoms.

The financial cost of problem gambling is staggering. People suffering from problem gambling often engage in dangerous behaviors and illegal activities, which includes gambling. In fact, problem gamblers are 15 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population. Problem gambling costs are also higher than the cost of alcohol and drug abuse, because it results in increased suicides and attempts. These costs are even greater when multiple people are affected by gambling. To prevent problem gambling, it is critical to establish a budget that includes realistic goals and financial resources.

Health consequences of excessive gambling

There are many negative health consequences of excessive gambling, including anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. People with mental health issues are most likely to attempt suicide. Gamblers who have lost everything to gambling tend to feel hopeless about their future. The emotional toll of excessive gambling can even affect relationships. People who engage in problem gambling may develop depression, sleep deprivation, and other symptoms that make them feel hopeless and alone. Suicidal thoughts may lead to suicide attempts, and gambling addicts may even attempt it themselves.

While many people enjoy a little gambling every once in a while, the dangers of excessive gambling are real. Problem gamblers are more likely to avoid getting regular exercise and seek medical treatment than other people. Excessive gambling can also lead to depression and anxiety, as well as financial hardship. Further, it can also cause a person to engage in unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, like excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. In addition to these harmful consequences, there are some benefits to gambling.

Types of Gambling and Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

There are several different types of gambling, all of which involve betting money. The most common types of gambling are casino and sports gambling. In these types of gambling, players compete against “the house” to win money. In lotteries, the odds change depending on the number of players and the type of game. Horse racing, for example, has betting odds determined by the amount of money that people bet, and the odds change all the time until the race begins.

Forms of gambling

Commercial gambling comes in many forms. These are not all categorized, but there are a few that are widely recognized, including lotteries, card games, and chance-based casino table games. Today, gambling is also available online. There are many hybrid forms of gambling. Regardless of the format, each type of gambling can be addictive or harmless, depending on the individual’s tolerance. In some cases, the odds are not very high, but the chances of winning are significantly higher than the odds of losing.

The prevalence of problem gambling is lowest among people who engage in gambling regularly. Twenty to two-eight percent of those engaged in each form of gambling regularly are considered problem gamblers. However, this group is small and includes a high percentage of those involved in other forms of gambling. Hence, detection of PG is limited. Therefore, further research is required to identify the determinants of problem gambling. These findings are discussed below.


There are several signs of gambling addiction. While some people may be able to hide their addiction from family and friends, others are too ashamed to acknowledge their problem. These signs may be the most significant indicators that someone is suffering from gambling addiction. Below are a few of the most obvious. Mood swings are a common symptom of an addiction to gambling. These changes in mood can sometimes be mistaken for normal upsets. Symptoms of gambling addiction can include an increased need for gambling and decreased enjoyment of everyday activities.

Withdrawal is another sign of addiction. A person may become withdrawn and difficult to contact. This can lead to problems in relationships, as partners may not trust the gambler’s judgment. In such situations, family and friends should seek professional help. If you suspect that your loved one is struggling with gambling, you can visit Ara for free support. There are also many other signs of gambling addiction. The key is to be aware of these symptoms and to understand the extent of your loved one’s condition.


People who have a gambling disorder are preoccupied with the idea of winning and losing money. They may be distressed and seek revenge through gambling, or they may withdraw from loved ones in order to hide the extent of their problem. Other signs of a gambling disorder include liarish behavior, poor sleeping habits, and dependence on others for money. The symptoms of gambling disorder may start in childhood or later in life. They may also show physical symptoms, such as acne or dark circles under the eyes.

Treatment for gambling addiction involves seeking treatment for both conditions. Medications target both mental health problems and addictive behaviors and are effective for treating gambling disorders. Antidepressants and mood stabilizers, for example, can help with depression. Narcotic antagonists are used to treat substance abuse, and may also be effective for people with gambling problems. It may take a few sessions to achieve long-term results. Psychiatrists should be involved in determining which treatment option is best for an individual.


A common condition associated with gambling addiction is depression. This illness is debilitating and has no easy cure. Symptoms include lethargy, fatigue, changes in appetite, and unhappiness. Although depression is difficult to treat, it is possible to find treatment for gambling addiction that addresses both issues simultaneously. However, it is important to know what to look for in a gambling addict. Treatment for gambling addiction should be individualized to address the specific needs of the individual.

During the recovery process, it is important to strengthen your social and professional networks. Enroll in a 12-step program like Alcoholics Anonymous or join a peer support group like Gamblers Anonymous. These groups are comprised of individuals who have gone through the same struggles you are facing. The support from these people can be invaluable, and the members will provide you with sympathetic understanding and support. Many self-help groups depend on the culture of the group, so it is important to look for one that will meet your needs.

Treatments For Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction affects millions of people around the world. The financial and emotional impact is similar whether an individual gambles regularly or sporadically. Problem gambling is defined when a person has difficulty stopping and its effects negatively affect any area of his or her life. Therapy is available to help an individual overcome their gambling problem. Cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT, teaches the individual to change the way he or she thinks about gambling. Changing your thoughts about gambling can lead to a more positive attitude towards your life.

Problem gambling

If you or a loved one is suffering from the effects of problem gambling, you are not alone. There are many different treatments available for this disorder. Most commonly, these treatments involve counseling, step-based programs, self-help, and peer-support, and in some cases, medications. There is no single treatment for problem gambling that is effective for all individuals, and there is no medication approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for this condition.

Problem gambling is a chronic mental disorder that can result in financial, emotional, and family problems. It can range from mild to severe and can worsen over time. Previously, problem gambling was referred to as pathological gambling or compulsive gambling. In 2014, the American Psychiatric Association recognized problem gambling as an impulse control disorder (ICD).

Signs of a gambling addiction

There are several symptoms to look for in someone with a gambling addiction. Generally, the gambling habit begins as a hobby and ends up taking over one’s life. A pathological gambler will go to great lengths to win and lose money in a game, ignoring family and friends and missing meals and medications. Often, this behavior is accompanied by denial about the damage done by the addiction. These signs are important to keep an eye out for.

One of the hallmark signs of a gambling addiction is an inability to stop gambling. If a person cannot stop themselves from playing, they are likely suffering from an addiction. If this is the case, it is time to seek professional help. If they are unable to stop, they may steal money from friends and family to keep up with their gambling. If you feel that your life has become out of control and you are not able to control your gambling habits, it’s time to seek help.

Treatment options

Listed below are some of the treatment options available for gambling addiction. Individuals suffering from gambling addiction may need to undergo one-on-one or group therapy sessions. Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for gambling addiction. Rather, individuals should educate themselves about the available options in order to choose the most effective treatment for their condition. Listed below are some of the most common gambling addiction treatment options. Here are some of the benefits of each type of treatment.

A primary care doctor is often the first line of defense in dealing with a gambling addiction. He or she will ask about your gambling habits and may ask for permission to discuss your family’s gambling history. While doctors cannot disclose personal medical information without your consent, they can perform a physical exam to look for health issues related to compulsive behavior. A gambling addiction can also stem from deeper emotional or avoidance issues. In such cases, a mental health professional may prescribe medication to help the sufferer overcome the urge to gamble.

Impact of excessive gambling on a person’s life

Studies show that problem gamblers have negative impacts on more than just the gambling addict. In fact, research has shown that five to ten people are negatively affected by a single gambler’s problem. This figure is three to four times higher than the general prevalence of problem gambling. In New Zealand, 30% of adults are familiar with someone who has a gambling problem and 8% of those surveyed have experienced some form of harm as a result of excessive gambling. The number of people affected by excessive gambling is even higher, with the children of a gambler experiencing even greater levels of harm than the adults themselves. And the financial impacts of excessive gambling are often the worst for those who are close to a problem gambler, such as their partners.

Depending on the extent of a person’s problem, therapy can be beneficial. Cognitive-behavioral therapy involves changing one’s thinking and behavior to reduce the urge to gamble. Similarly, behavior therapy involves making a person more aware of how their actions affect their life. It is important to recognize that problem gambling can also be a symptom of other disorders, such as bipolar disorder.

Positive Effects of Gambling on Health and Wellbeing

Despite the dangers of gambling, there is a significant amount of literature on the positive effects of gambling on the health and wellbeing of individuals. For example, those who engage in recreational gambling have better health than nongamblers. The psychological benefits of gambling may reinforce self-concept and improve lower socioeconomic groups. It also may maintain optimism in difficult life circumstances. This is just one example of the many positive effects of gambling. Here are some examples of studies that highlight the positive effects of gambling on the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Taking over finances

Financial counselors often encourage their clients to turn over their money to someone else and dip into their funds when they feel a gambling urge. This can be intimidating, and it might even feel like a “cop-out.” But a financial counselor can help a recovering gambler figure out temporary solutions. And the best part is that it’s a temporary solution that will help them regain control of their finances. Read on to find out what to do.

The first step in getting help for your gambling addiction is to discuss your current financial situation with a trusted friend or family member. You and your friend should make a list of your debts and bills. You should also agree on a cash allowance. If possible, carry minimal cash. Avoid storing excessive amounts of cash. You’ll probably need a small amount of cash to make it through your day, but you don’t need a lot of money.

Dealing with a loved one’s gambling addiction

Dealing with a loved one’s problem gambling can be difficult. It requires patience and the desire to help your loved one recover. Addiction isn’t the fault of the person suffering from it, so it’s important to remember that if you want to help your loved one, you have to first deal with your own needs. Insisting that your loved one change may cause more stress.

If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from a gambling addiction, you can take a proactive approach by taking the time to educate yourself about the signs of addiction. One way is to encourage your loved one to seek help. Encourage them with words of encouragement. Love is a powerful motivation that can help someone overcome an addiction. Learn how to protect your own health by maintaining a regular sleep schedule, eating healthy foods, and setting aside some time for yourself. It can be tiring living with someone who is addicted to gambling, so it’s important to ensure that you get rest and have some alone time.

Treatment for compulsive gambling

While treatment for compulsive gambling may help a person break their addiction, it may also lead to other mental health problems. Problem gambling can be the symptom of other conditions, including bipolar disorder or depression. During a mental health evaluation, a doctor may determine that the person has a gambling problem and will recommend the appropriate treatment. To overcome a gambling addiction, you must stop hiding your problem and take the first step toward recovery.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most common treatments for compulsive gambling. It teaches the patient how to change the thoughts and behaviors that cause them to feel the urge to gamble. It also helps to identify any other unhealthy emotions and thoughts that may be contributing to the compulsive behavior. Cognitive behavioral therapy may also involve medication. Compulsive gamblers often suffer from depression, anxiety, or panic attacks.

The Effects of Gambling on Our Society

Until recently, gambling was illegal in nearly all states. Today, however, more states have legalized poker rooms, casinos, horse racing tracks, and Indian casinos. While all states have laws prohibiting some form of gambling, some have gone further and made it legal in all 50 states. This article will explore the effects of gambling on our society. Listed below are some of the positives and negatives of gambling. We hope this article will shed some light on the subject.

Impacts of gambling on the economy

There are several studies on the effects of legalized gambling. However, most of these studies have focused on the costs of the industry and how it affects communities as a whole. In most cases, the cost associated with problem and pathological gambling has been subsidized by taxpayers. According to some estimates, these costs amount to three dollars for every dollar of taxes paid. Some studies have come up with higher numbers. This study makes an attempt to estimate the effect of increased access to casino gambling on the economy in different locations.

Impacts of gambling on health

Gambling has both positive and negative health consequences. While gambling can increase stress levels, it can also improve community health indirectly through a stronger economy. The authors of the study compared the health impacts of gambling with that of control groups. They also found that gambling is harmful to mental health. For this reason, they recommend that gambling restrictions be implemented in communities to reduce stress and increase mental health. To understand the health consequences of gambling, it is important to understand how gambling affects the mental health of those who engage in it.

Impacts of gambling on crime

The social consequences of gambling are significant, but it is also widely accepted as an innocent pastime. There is growing evidence linking gambling to increased violence, domestic abuse, and child abuse. Each year, approximately 200 Canadians commit suicide, many of them due to pathological gambling. Attempts at suicide are probably five times higher. The public’s perception of gambling is mixed in Canada, with many people viewing it as harmless fun. However, it is important to recognize the consequences of gambling on our society.

Impacts of gambling on small businesses

The negative economic impact of gambling on the bottom line of small businesses cannot be underestimated. Not only do compulsive gamblers get into debt, but they may also engage in malfeasance or mismanagement of company resources. The negative impact on small businesses is compounded by employees who may be distracted by gambling sites while at work. Employers may consider suggesting that their employees play games in private to prevent them from disrupting work. However, these effects are not limited to small businesses.

Impacts of gambling on communities

The public health perspective on gambling offers a unique opportunity to examine the many issues related to the effects of gambling, both positive and negative. This approach emphasizes multiple points of intervention, harm reduction strategies, and prevention. These methods address not only gambling risks but also the overall health of communities. In addition, the impact of gambling on the environment and youth population is also discussed. Furthermore, the benefits of legalized gambling are explored. Public health perspectives can contribute to policy, practice, and research related to gambling issues.

Warning Signs of Compulsive Gambling

Behavioral-environmental reasons and reward deficiency syndrome have been proposed to explain pathological gambling. Biogenetics and general theory of addictions are also considered to be potential explanations for pathological gambling. In Chapter 4 of this book, we will explore biogenetics and behavioral-environmental explanations. Then, we will discuss the signs of compulsive gambling. For a complete list of the signs, see below.

Pathological gambling

Although a biological cause of pathological gambling is unknown, it is believed that it is more likely psychological than physical. People who are pathological gamblers typically exhibit symptoms of depression and/or alcoholic tendencies. These individuals typically turn to gambling as an escape from these difficulties. In fact, many people with pathological gambling have other mental health conditions that are closely related to the behavior. Hence, there are many potential causes of pathological gambling.

Medication is a common treatment for pathological gambling, and it is similar to the long-term treatment for substance use disorders. Patients with pathological gambling often participate in self-help groups for support. Approximately 70% of those with pathological gambling have a history of psychiatric illness. Psychiatric diagnoses for pathological gambling include bipolar disorder and Parkinson’s disease. Although there are no specific medical causes of pathological gambling, there are several medications that can exacerbate the condition.

Problem gambling

Gambling can be a fun pastime, but it can become an addiction if it’s not done in moderation. Problem gambling is a hidden addiction because it has few, if any, outward symptoms or signs. There are several treatment options for problem gambling, including counseling, self-help and peer-support groups, and medication. The Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling provides a range of services, including a research and outreach program.

Several interventions are available, including activity scheduling, desensitization, and medication. Some medications are used to treat pathological gambling, such as SSRIparoxetine, which has shown positive results in preliminary trials. A recent drug called nalmefene, an opioid antagonist, has also shown promise in treating compulsive gambling. Another treatment option is metacognitive training, which involves teaching an individual the steps needed to change their behavior.

Signs of compulsive gambling

It is important to seek help for a person with compulsive gambling. Gambling addiction can have serious consequences. It can cause financial problems, legal complications, ruined relationships, and even suicide. Knowing the warning signs can help a person identify the problem and seek help. Recovery from any addiction is never easy. Nevertheless, learning how to spot compulsive gambling is an essential first step. Here are some common warning signs of compulsive gambling.

In the beginning, gambling may seem like fun and excitement. But, it can easily become an addiction, and the consequences can be catastrophic. The main symptoms of compulsive gambling are lying to yourself and others, ignoring problems, and avoiding your family and friends. Gambling may also become a habit if a person doesn’t realize that it’s damaging. Gambling is a destructive habit, and should be avoided at all costs.

What is Gambling? What Causes it, and How Can it Be Treated?

What is gambling? What causes it, and how can it be treated? The following article explores the issues surrounding gambling, different forms of gambling, legalities, and prevention. Gambling is a problem when a person is unable to control their urges to gamble and the effects this can have on a person’s life. If you’re concerned about your gambling problem, please consider seeking counseling. You’ll find that these services are free and confidential.

Problems with gambling

There are many reasons why a person might develop problems with gambling. The activity is an escape from everyday problems, and the social stigma of gambling makes it seem more acceptable. It is also seen as a part of normality in society, and the chemical changes in the brain that lead to addiction to drugs or alcohol may be a contributing factor. Cognitive behavioural therapy can help a person overcome their gambling addiction. Read on to learn more.

In addition to the negative personal effects of problem gambling, the effects of gambling can negatively affect significant others. Some study participants have lost their jobs as a result of gambling. The same study showed that gambling can negatively impact significant others, including their children. Problem gamblers also increase the risk of violence against their significant others. The money that they spend on gambling can have negative long-term effects on relationships and a person’s life. Even though these effects may be short-lived, they can affect an entire generation.

Forms of gambling

Forms of gambling are games played for fun or to win money. Generally, the house edge, also called the vigorish, is the amount of money a casino earns from a player’s wager. Sometimes, though, an astute gambler can emerge the winner by finding advantageous odds and avoiding sucker bets. Most brick-and-mortar casinos offer games in this broad category, and these activities represent billions of dollars in annual revenue for gambling operators.

Most common forms of gambling are card games, lottery tickets, and office pools. Internet gambling and video keno are relatively less popular, while betting on sports, horse races, and casino games are among the most popular forms. There are also many forms of gambling that can be played at home, including pulltabs and online games. If you’re looking to find a way to spend your spare time without breaking the bank, here are some tips for you to get started:

Legality of gambling in the U.S.

In the nineteenth century, the legality of gambling in the United States was largely uncertain. The first legal casino opened in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 1978. Soon after, nine more states legalized casino gambling, including Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. In the early twentieth century, however, casino gambling was largely banned in the United States. Nevertheless, it was re-legalized in several states in the 1990s.

While legalized gambling may be better than other forms of gambling, it does not necessarily mean it is better for society. For one thing, reasonable police activity cannot eliminate every form of illegal gambling. In addition, legalized gambling may actually attract new gamblers. Furthermore, state-run gambling requires minimal taxation and must be flexible. Furthermore, the revenue earned from such gambling is low enough to offset the costs of operating a casino.

Prevention of gambling addiction

The Remote Gambling Act was passed in Australia on April 1, 2021, providing more space for research on gambling addiction and creating a fund for prevention. Trimbos Institute conducted a knowledge integration and research agenda, based on scientific literature and interviews with medical and other professionals. Its authors included international and local scientists, NGOs, and other individuals affected by gambling addiction. They recommend interventions aimed at reducing exposure to gambling and its negative effects.

Gambling is a social problem with social, legal, and family consequences. It is often comorbid with other mental illnesses and substance abuse. As a result, prevention is vital to prevent the emergence of this problem. It is important to understand the mechanisms behind gambling addiction and how it develops. Here are some tips to help you stop a gambling addiction:

Public Health and Gambling

Gambling can be a major problem if someone cannot control their urges and is destroying their life. Fortunately, there are many resources for people suffering from gambling addiction, including gambling counsellors, who are available 24/7 to discuss your gambling habits and determine the best way forward. Gambling counsellors are free of charge and can help you stop your gambling habit. These professionals can help you stop gambling for good and learn to enjoy the benefits of gambling again.

Indirect costs of gambling to state

The indirect costs of gambling to the state correspond to the resources not created, namely, time. Because time is a finite resource, it has an alternative value. An hour of lost production is equal to the value of work performed, which is the average gross salary plus social security contributions. The costs include unemployment compensation attributable to gambling. Indirect costs to the state are also considered if it impacts health care. However, the study does not estimate the societal benefits of gambling.

Indirect costs of gambling to the state include those that are not measurable in dollar terms. The benefits of legalized gambling include revenue for the state and the revenues for local governments. However, the economic effects of legalized gambling are often difficult to quantify in a straightforward manner, and this makes them difficult to factor into economic impact analysis. Nevertheless, they illustrate the complexity of estimating indirect costs, and the difficulty of calculating the total effects.

Compulsive gambling as a public health issue

Public health has an extensive history of dealing with complex and emerging issues, such as compulsive gambling. Its focus has been on issues that affect the public at large, as well as specific populations. Public health professionals have successfully addressed issues as diverse as AIDS, environmental tobacco smoke, and violence. By integrating a public health perspective on gambling issues, we can reduce the negative consequences of gambling while maximizing the positive aspects.

While identifying the harms of gambling has been an important goal for many years, there are significant gaps in the current body of knowledge. Despite its global prevalence, gambling poses numerous inherent public health risks. Gambling harms include financial insecurity, employment disruption, substance abuse, and psychological disorders, among others. These impacts extend beyond the financial and economic levels, and can affect individuals as well as the entire community. Previous studies have focused on pathological gamblers, without taking the opportunity to explore harms across the gambling continuum.

Beneficial aspects of gambling to society

Gambling has many social and economic impacts. Many of these impacts can be observed at personal, interpersonal, and societal levels. The financial effects can manifest in the form of gambling revenues, the costs of infrastructure, changes in values, and changes in financial situations, and can also have a negative effect on the community. Other social effects of gambling include its effect on people’s health and well-being. These effects are most often overlooked in studies, but are important to consider.

The social benefits of gambling are numerous. In addition to increasing tourism, gambling has a significant economic impact in local communities. The revenues from gambling are spent back into the local economy. In addition to the economic impact, casinos often create jobs, build modern hotels, and award contracts to local businesses. Despite the negative impacts, gambling is still regarded as a form of entertainment that most people can live without. However, many people are unsure if this type of entertainment is actually beneficial for society.

Legislation regulating gambling

The recent case of Winner Wetten GmbH v. ECJ considered public policy and overriding general interests. These arguments were made in the context of protecting consumers from gaming inducements, encouraging consistent and systematic gambling, and determining the practical impact of legislation on the industry. In the case, the ECJ held that the goal of legislation should be to protect consumers from the negative consequences of gambling. This decision has important implications for the future of gambling in Europe.

The debate over the future of gambling often focuses on its negative effects, but it ignores the positive contributions made by the industry. It employs thousands of people and contributes to the economy. The changes proposed would benefit the most vulnerable gamblers, and should be done in a responsible and ethical manner. There is also no reason to delay reforms of this industry. There is an urgent need for legislation regulating gambling. The Labour Party’s proposed legislation would do just that.

Gambling 101

There are many forms of gambling, but lottery games are the most widely popular. Sports betting, life insurance, and horse racing are some of the most common types of gambling. Although a person can never completely eliminate their urge to gamble, there are ways to manage the risks of these activities. If you are suffering from a gambling addiction, you should consider seeking help. A health care provider can help you find a treatment facility that can meet your specific needs.

Life insurance is a form of gambling

Life insurance companies have a long history of betting on longevity. This is because, when the rate guarantee ends, they are only paid out if the insured person dies. Since they have been gathering mortality data for over a century, the odds are in their favor. Even if you’re still young, it is worth considering the risk of purchasing life insurance, because you’ll never know if you’ll live longer than the policy period.

Lotteries are the leading form of gambling worldwide

Although lotteries are a form of gambling, there are several differences between them. First, there are lottery games with fixed prizes that are paid out in cash. This type of prize is attractive to players, as it limits the number of people who can play the lottery. Second, fixed prizes involve risks to the organizer. The most popular form of fixed prize is the “50-50” draw. Third, many recent lotteries allow buyers to choose their own numbers, resulting in multiple winners.

Sports betting

If you’ve ever bet on sports, you’ve probably wondered if it’s actually gambling. After all, it’s only gambling if you win the bet. While sports betting is considered gambling by many people, some believe it’s just a game of chance. This isn’t necessarily true, though. If you’re betting on a game, it’s important to understand what gambling involves and which types of bets are permitted.

Horse racing

Horse racing gambling has been around since the 19th century, when different states began to legalize it. American tracks use the parimutuel system of wagering, which pools all bets on horses. Winnings are calculated by comparing the relative amounts of money placed on different horses. Depending on the race, bettors can place multiple wagers on a single horse, or bet on more than one horse.

Card games

There are many rules of card games, but the majority are not static. In fact, they are often determined by how widely they are played, and not by a central governing body. Nevertheless, most of the widely played card games do have standardized rules, and these are often adopted by players as “house rules.” They may be adopted in a particular place or country, or they may be invented by players. For example, the rules for skat may differ from those for poker.

Electronic gaming machines

Electronic gaming machines, also known as slot machines, are popular in casinos. They come in a variety of styles, from single-coin to multi-coin, and touch-screen to video. It is important to choose a machine that will appeal to you, even if you are losing. After all, slot machines are meant to be a fun way to pass time and to win some money. So, how do you choose the right slot machine for you?

Internet gambling

The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act of 2006 is an attempt to regulate Internet gambling, though enforcement is unlikely to be successful. The Department of Justice has stated that it has no intention of prosecuting individual gamblers. The Act is designed to punish gambling websites, but prosecuting sites is difficult because most of them are outside the jurisdiction of the country in which they are hosted. Therefore, the Act has little practical effect. Nonetheless, it shows promise by giving courts the power to issue injunctions against ISPs.

Gambling Addiction – How to Identify and Overcome Gambling Addictions

While gambling may seem like a harmless activity, it is actually a highly addictive form of self-soothing. This form of recreation is also a way to socialize with friends. Instead of using gambling as a way to relieve boredom and anxiety, try exercising, making friends with people who do not engage in gambling, and practicing relaxation techniques. Once you understand the psychological reasons for your addictive gambling habits, you can stop them. If you think you have a gambling problem, read on to learn more about the different types of gambling addiction.


Dopamine and gambling are a well-known connection, which may have evolved through the brain’s natural rewards system. It can increase overall attractiveness of gambling, improve choice precision, and mediate the influence of previous rewards on contextual reward normalization. The study has several implications for gambling research. This article explores the mechanisms of dopamine and gambling, and explains how dopamine and gambling are related. It also examines whether and how dopamine may be used to treat gambling addiction.


Depending on the form of gambling, there are a variety of factors that can contribute to the risk of gambling. The number of studies, the quality of the studies, and the consistency of the results suggest that certain factors are more likely to contribute to the risk of gambling. In the present review, we have summarized the factors that we found to be associated with increased gambling risks. While some of these factors may be linked to an increased risk of gambling, others are not.


The amount of time between successive events and the reward for gambling are both factors in the emergence of problematic gambling habits. Higher frequency and payout rates have also been implicated in addiction. High rewards are more likely to be problematic than low rewards, and the vast majority of gambling activities are continuous. However, a single high reward can induce addiction in some people. So, how do we identify addictive behaviours? Here are a few tips. Read on to learn how to identify and overcome gambling addictions.

Compulsive behaviour

If you have a loved one who suffers from compulsive gambling behaviour, you should take the matter seriously and seek help. Even though this is often the hardest step, the first step is usually the hardest: admitting that you have a problem. You should try to understand your loved one’s feelings before intervening. Do not be judgmental or threatening if they seek help. Rather, educate yourself about this problem and don’t make it worse by acting in ways that might encourage the problem.


While you may resist the idea of undergoing therapy for gambling addiction, you should seek out treatment and seek help. Ultimately, the goal of treatment is to regain control over your life, heal relationships, and restore your finances. You may also benefit from behavior therapy, which focuses on replacing unhealthy beliefs with healthier ones. In some cases, family therapy may be helpful. Whatever the case, seeking help is the best way to avoid the consequences of compulsive gambling.

Warning Signs of Compulsive Gambling

During the twentieth century, the structure of American gambling changed. This study was published in the Journal of Social Issues 35.3 (1979): 87-114. To learn more about the word, visit the Wiktionary, a free dictionary. Wikimedia Commons has several media related to gambling. In this article, we’ll explore the signs and treatment options for compulsive gambling. If you feel that you might have a problem with gambling, you may be suffering from compulsive gambling.

Problem gambling

If you are an avid gambler, you may be suffering from problem gambling. Problem gambling affects many people, including your family, friends, and loved ones. A compulsion to gamble can have devastating emotional and financial consequences. Tribal casinos throughout New Mexico have voluntarily committed to raising problem gambling awareness. Fortunately, problem gambling is not as bad as it first seems. There are many options available to treat the issue. Listed below are some options.

A range of comorbidities are associated with problem gambling, and some of these behaviors may be more dangerous for people with this personality trait. People with antisocial impulsivity are also more prone to develop gambling problems. They are more likely to engage in antisocial activities, such as lying about their gambling habits. Although the causes of problem gambling are not yet known, these behaviors can be extremely harmful. Despite their negative effects, antisocial impulsivity does not indicate that an individual with problem gambling is antisocial.

Signs of problem gambling

If you’re having trouble coping with your addiction to gambling, it could be time to seek help. Gambling has many warning signs. The most obvious is when you spend too much time gambling, leaving little time for friends or family. Sometimes, you may even steal money. You may lie about where you are, or make up excuses to avoid paying bills. In the end, you can’t stop. The following are other warning signs of problem gambling.

While gambling is a fun pastime, the consequences of excessive gambling can become devastating to the individual, their family, and their relationships. Problem gambling often takes many forms and runs its course in different ways. Some people may simply be not gambling at all, but their relationship with money could be affected. Other symptoms include financial troubles, GI problems, eating disorders, and even suicide. Sometimes, they can even feel depressed, anxious, and sleep deprived.

Treatments for problem gambling

While problem gambling can have devastating effects on relationships, finances, and emotional health, there are treatment options available. Many people seek out help each year. Inpatient treatment centers are specialized in treating this addiction. These centers range in setting from medical to non-medical settings and address the biological, emotional, and psychological needs of those who are affected by the problem. Treatments for problem gambling often include therapy and counseling. Read on to learn more about treatment options for problem gamblers.

As the field of gambling research progresses, it will be crucial to examine the effectiveness of various treatment options. While brief advice and motivational techniques may seem appealing, patients may be less willing to receive them when they cannot see results quickly. Moreover, there is no evidence that more time is better for treating problem gamblers. The availability of treatment for problem gambling will largely depend on the availability and quality of resources in the state.

Signs of compulsive gambling

Identifying the warning signs of compulsive gambling can be a daunting task. The condition can lead to ruined relationships, financial ruin, and even suicide. But, knowing the warning signs can help you take the necessary steps to seek treatment. While recovery from addiction is never easy, it is the first step to overcome any gambling-related issues. Here are some things to watch for to spot the warning signs of compulsive gambling.

One of the most important signs of compulsive gambling is an increasing reliance on the activity. Problem gamblers become so preoccupied with their gambling activities that they become unable to concentrate on anything else. This makes them ineffective at work. They will frequently be late, use sick days frequently, and make excuses for not showing up. In addition to reduced concentration and reliability, these individuals will become less efficient at their job, ultimately affecting their career.

What Are the Symptoms of a Gambling Addiction?

If you’re experiencing a problem with gambling, the first step is to recognize the symptoms. These include the urge to gamble, boredom, and social isolation. The good news is that there are ways to relieve these feelings without resorting to gambling. While you can’t completely eliminate boredom, you can at least reduce it by practicing relaxation techniques and engaging in physical activities. If you’re looking for an alternative to gambling, here are some suggestions:

Problem gambling

There are many ways to treat problem gambling, but most treatment methods involve counseling and other forms of peer support. Self-help groups can also be a helpful resource, as can a professional problem gambling counselor. Whatever the cause of your problem gambling, you should always seek help. It is important to seek professional help for any problem gambling problem, because it can affect your finances and relationships. Here are some of the most effective treatment options for problem gamblers.

Young problem gamblers often report higher rates of depression and anxiety than do adults. They tend to gamble as a way to escape from problems in their lives, and have a lower level of engagement in school and peer groups. These factors may also be responsible for a young person’s attraction to gambling. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to establish the underlying causes of problem gambling, as it can depend on a variety of factors. But research into the causes of problem gambling has provided some answers.

Signs of a problem

A gambling addiction is very difficult to recognize, as its signs are similar to other addictive disorders. Some of the common signs are not immediately noticeable, like bill collectors constantly pestering you and your spouse, or missing money and items. The signs of a gambling addiction include:

Emotional symptoms of gambling addiction can range from feeling hopeless to having suicidal thoughts. Some individuals may give up hobbies or lose themselves to the urge to gamble. Serious financial problems are another warning sign of a gambling addiction. Some gamblers are known to borrow money to cover major living expenses, and make excuses for not paying back the loans they take out. Eventually, this can lead to service disruptions.

Symptoms of a problem gambler

If you notice that your loved one is losing money and is having difficulty making ends meet, you may have a problem gambler in your midst. While gambling can provide a high for problem gamblers, it can also cause them to neglect other responsibilities. They may steal items to sell and deceive others to fund their habit. These behaviors suggest the need for immediate intervention. Listed below are some common symptoms of a problem gambler and what you can do to help.

The first thing to remember is that excessive gambling causes a variety of emotional symptoms. Among them are suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. The gambler’s despair is exacerbated by the fact that he or she has lost everything. Self-harming tendencies are common among problem gamblers. In addition to these emotional symptoms, sleep deprivation can also cause other physical changes. Problem gamblers may also have pale skin and dark circles under the eyes.

Treatment options

Treatment options for gambling addiction range from online therapy to inpatient care. Outpatient treatment usually involves one-on-one therapy sessions or group sessions that teach the person how to control their problematic gambling behavior. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common form of treatment for gambling addiction and aims to change the way the person thinks and behaves. Support groups such as Gamblers Anonymous can also be helpful. Both provide a safe and supportive environment in which an addict can work through their addiction.

Residential treatment for gambling addiction is often recommended for people who have tried unsuccessfully to quit gambling on their own and are finding it difficult to control their urges. This type of treatment gives people with an addiction ample time and professional support to deal with their problem and improve their life. In this setting, they can develop coping mechanisms and learn new skills to avoid future relapse. Residential treatment also allows patients to build a supportive environment in which to discuss their gambling habits and triggers.

Signs of Gambling Problems and Treatments

There is a wide range of signs of gambling problem, as well as different treatment options for the disorder. Understanding the signs of gambling problems is essential in the treatment process. Here are some tips on how to identify a gambling problem and how to prevent it. This article will also help you determine if you may have a gambling problem. Read on to learn more. This article was written to help you understand the danger signs of gambling problem. Listed below are some treatments that can help you get back on track.

Problem gambling

Problem gambling is a serious addiction that affects both individuals and their families. Although this activity is fun and addictive when done in the right spirit, the dangers associated with problem gambling are hidden from sight. While there are few physical or outward signs of problem gambling, it can have devastating financial and emotional consequences. The National Council on Problem Gambling reports that approximately 2.2% of American adults are at risk for problem gambling. In Connecticut alone, there are currently three CCPG employees tasked with helping over 58,000 problem gamblers. In fact, up to one thousand individuals are within the direct path of an addict, according to the CCPG.

The definition of problem gambling varies. Various terms such as pathological gambling, compulsive gambling, and gambling addiction have been used to describe the condition. However, the latest diagnosis is disordered gambling. It has become clear that the criteria for diagnosing this disorder is largely subjective and often not consistent. In addition, “problem” gambling describes a person’s tendency to engage in excessive gambling activities, regardless of the consequences. In many cases, the condition can even result in financial ruin and legal complications. If the gambler is unable to control his or her behavior, the problem may result in depression, loss of a career, or even suicide.

Signs of a problem

If your loved one seems to be losing all control over their gambling habits, it may be time to think about attempting an intervention. Although gambling addiction can mimic other addictions, there are a few clear signs to look out for. Problem gamblers may be lying or staying up too late, or even stealing money from other people. If you notice any of these signs, you should seek professional help. You should also keep your words non-judgemental, and explain why your concern is related to gambling.

While gambling can be a fun activity for many, excessive gambling can lead to depression. This disorder may lead to suicidal thoughts, and in severe cases, even attempts. Losing money in gambling can make people feel hopeless and depressed. Self-harming tendencies are common as well. Lack of sleep is also another sign. Gamblers may develop acne or dark circles under the eyes. They may also experience fatigue or irritability.

Treatment options

Treatment options for gambling addiction include day therapy sessions, which consist of a series of half-day or full-day appointments. These sessions can be extremely useful if you are in need of continual support and assistance. In addition to therapy, outpatient treatment is another possibility. The latter involves one-on-one sessions with a therapist or online therapy sessions where you can learn effective techniques for managing your gambling behaviour. You may also consider seeking assessment by a consultant psychiatrist if you are experiencing the symptoms of comorbid substance addiction as well. This assessment can be charged.

Self-help interventions include information workbooks and self-guided activities. Self-help approaches can also include bibliotherapy or motivational enhancement. Many studies have shown that participants of self-help programs do better than those in control groups with the same symptoms. Some treatments are based on the theory that self-help interventions promote recovery. Self-help interventions may not be immediately effective for everyone, but they can be effective for a large percentage of people who suffer from a gambling problem.

Preventing a problem

A new report on prevention of problem gambling in the Springfield area outlines the key steps for addressing the issue. The report details the regional assessment process, prevention strategies, and implications. It highlights the importance of working with key stakeholders and incorporating community engagement. In Springfield, outreach efforts can target schools, faith-based organizations, and law enforcement. Additionally, problem gambling prevention efforts can be incorporated into messages in schools and other settings.

Prevention of problem gambling starts with education. Research indicates that more than half of all people in jails and prisons suffer from substance use disorders. In addition, disproportionately, people in prisons and jails are people of color. This research demonstrates the need for effective prevention strategies. Whether the problem stems from a person’s genetics or family background, prevention efforts should be tailored to address specific community dynamics.

The Effects of Gambling on Health

Dealing with a loved one who is suffering from a gambling addiction can be incredibly overwhelming. They may feel shame and isolation, but seeking help for the problem can help them understand that they are not alone. One way to help the gambler is to set clear boundaries when it comes to managing money. This will keep them accountable and prevent a relapse. You are the first line of defense when it comes to family finances. After all, your safety is the most important priority.

Problem gambling is an addictive disorder

Treatment options for problem gambling vary, but many of them involve counseling or a step-based program. Other options include self-help groups, peer support, and medication. Unfortunately, no specific treatment has been proven most effective for this disorder, and there are few medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for pathological gambling. Individual therapy is a good choice for problem gamblers because it focuses on the individual’s specific needs and aims to reduce the severity and frequency of gambling-related behaviors.

It can affect your health

The effects of gambling on health vary widely, ranging from positive to negative. The impacts of gambling on the body depend on the individual, and it is up to you to decide if you want to continue or change your behavior. It can have a devastating impact on your health, so if you feel that your gambling is starting to affect your health negatively, seek help immediately. Gambling is supposed to be fun and entertainment, so it is important to make sure that you do not get into a gambling addiction.

It is a social activity

In most cases, gambling is a social activity that is highly rewarding, and yet it can be devastatingly addictive. Gamblers become compulsive because they seek the “high” of betting and increase their wagers in order to achieve that feeling. They often chase losses as well, so they spend more money than they should on gambling. Some experts even argue that gambling is as addictive as heroin and is the fastest-growing addiction in the United States.

It is a risky activity

In any risky activity, there is an element of failure, and gambling is no exception. Although legal in many jurisdictions, there is a significant risk involved. Gamblers are at risk of losing everything they have, which can make the activity a dangerous addiction. In Nebraska, gambling is legal, and the state considers it a necessary component of a healthy society. In Nebraska, gambling is considered an activity that benefits both the public and the economy.

It is a fun way to spend your time

If you enjoy the thrill of winning money, then gambling is a great way to pass time. While you’ll rarely win big, it is still exciting, especially when things go your way. If you’re new to gambling, you might wonder how you can get started. Here are a few tips. Read on to find out whether gambling is right for you. You can always start small by trying to win a small amount of money each time.

Dealing With a Gambling Addiction

Dealing with a loved one’s gambling addiction can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you feel guilty or ashamed. Getting help and guidance from friends and family members can ease your pain and make it clear that you are not alone. It can help to set limits in the way your loved one manages money and prevent relapses. As a family, the first responsibility you have is to protect yourself and your loved one’s well-being.

Problem gambling

Often referred to as a “hidden addiction,” problem gambling is a serious mental disorder that can lead to financial, legal, emotional, and family problems. It can range from mild to severe and worsen over time. Problem gambling was previously known as compulsive gambling or pathological gaming. More recently, the American Psychiatric Association recognized it as a disorder known as Impulse Control Disorder. Here are some of the warning signs that someone may be experiencing this problem:

First, it is important to understand that people with problem gambling often have underlying comorbid conditions that make them attracted to the activity. Those with these conditions might find gambling appealing because it provides them with a distraction from their problems. In addition, this pathway reflects the Moran subtype models of problem gambling. The vulnerability pathway has been shown to be valid for both types of gambling, including those among adults, and it is useful in explaining problem gambling in women.

Signs of a problem

Gambling can be a dangerous addiction. The signs of gambling addiction can mimic those of drug or alcohol addiction. In some cases, people with a gambling problem spend a lot of time at the casino, stealing money or lying about where they’re at. The person may also become secretive with their money, borrowing money from friends or family to continue their gambling addiction. It’s important to talk with a doctor if you suspect you may have a problem.

Gambling can affect one’s social and psychological life. A person with a gambling addiction is often preoccupied with gambling, especially when they’re distressed or stressed. Often, they return to gambling even after they’ve lost money. This can lead to a number of psychological and physical issues. People with gambling addictions can suffer from migraines, restlessness, and even attempts at suicide. It’s vital to seek help if you suspect a friend or family member of a gambling problem.

Treatment options

There are a number of treatment options for gambling addiction. Individual therapy is a good option for people struggling with gambling addiction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on challenging negative thoughts and behaviors in an attempt to break the cycle of gambling. A 12-step program or support group can also help. For those with a dual diagnosis, a consultation with a consultant psychiatrist may be necessary. Both are chargeable services. The following are some of the most common treatment options for gambling addiction.

In addition to individual therapy, gambling addiction is a mental disorder. Because it is addictive, people who experience a gambling addiction will experience withdrawal symptoms. Individuals who want to overcome their problem may choose to engage in motivational interviewing or cognitive behavioral therapy. Regardless of the method chosen, it will be helpful for them to seek professional help. The goal of these treatment options is to help individuals overcome their addiction and find a life free of gambling.

Gambling Addiction – Signs and Symptoms of Problem Gambling

There are many ways to stop gambling and stay away from it. First of all, if you have a problem with gambling, you should stop it immediately. This article will give you some signs and symptoms of problem gambling, as well as some effective treatments. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the most effective methods for stopping problem gambling. They will help you stay away from gambling and get back in control of your finances. You might even find a way to quit gambling entirely.

Problem gambling

The term “problem gambling” has existed for centuries. Psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin defined it as “gambling mania.” The DSM-IV criteria for problem gambling were introduced in the 1980s by the American Psychiatric Association. These criteria are based on a new, more evaluative process involving a survey of 222 compulsive gamblers and 104 substance-abusing social gamblers. The Victorian Gambling Screen consists of 15 items.

Treatment options for problem gambling are often based on counseling, self-help groups, and/or peer support, as well as medication. Of these options, no single treatment has been proven effective, and no medication has been approved by the FDA for pathological gambling. But the use of help lines can be effective, and they offer assistance to problem gamblers in overcoming their addiction. And no one should go it alone. A gambling problem is a difficult condition to overcome, but it doesn’t have to define your worthlessness. The first step is to recognize that there is a problem. It is time to get help.


Gambling addiction is not a simple condition. It can start with a few casual games that bring pleasure, but over time, this can turn into an addiction. Signs of addiction can vary, but some are similar to other psychological disorders. In some cases, the gambling addiction begins to affect the person’s sleep and eat-and-drink-habits. The problem can be difficult to spot unless the person is open about their behavior.

The person may be withdrawn and difficult to contact. Their relationship with their partner may suffer, and the gambler might have to lie about his or her gambling habits to protect themselves and their family. This lack of trust can lead to additional problems at home. While these symptoms are mainly related to adults, they may also occur in children and adolescents. If you suspect that a loved one may be affected by gambling, you can contact Ara. It offers free support to anyone who has been affected by gambling.


Problem gambling can lead to many negative effects, including financial strain, rifts in relationships, and even depression and self-harming tendencies. It is important to remember that the physical effects of gambling depend on the individual and their overall health. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unable to control your urges to gamble, it’s time to seek help. Here are some of the most common symptoms to watch out for. They may sound familiar to you.

Depression: The condition is often associated with gambling addiction and is an extremely debilitating mental illness. Some common symptoms of depression include lethargy, decreased appetite, and unhappiness. Treatment for depression and addiction often requires a dual diagnosis. In many cases, a dual diagnosis is necessary, as a treatment for gambling disorder will address the root cause of depression and the underlying causes of the problem. However, many people are able to resolve their problem on their own.


Treatment for gambling addiction is vital for individuals who want to overcome their problems and live happy, healthy lives. Approximately 90% of people with problem gambling relapse within the first year of treatment. However, experts see relapse as a normal part of the recovery process that allows gamblers to learn what works and move closer to permanent sobriety. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available to help individuals overcome their gambling addiction.

The first step towards treatment for gambling addiction is admitting you have a problem and making the decision to change. Gambling is a serious problem that can affect relationships and deplete savings. If you have a family member who has been affected by your gambling addiction, you will need to be able to acknowledge the pain and hurt that these relationships have caused. Furthermore, it’s important to admit that you have stolen or cheated, and that you’ve incurred considerable debt as a result of gambling. It is also essential to accept your anger and willingness to seek counseling to find solutions for your problems.

Legalization of Gambling and Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a type of entertainment where you bet something of value on an uncertain event. There are many factors that go into making a decision to bet. The stakes, risk, and prize are all factors to consider before you make a decision. Problem gambling can affect anyone from teenagers to high-class executives. Listed below are some of the complications of gambling and the options for treatment. Legalization of gambling may also help. However, it is best to consider the risk before you start betting.

Complications of problem gambling

Despite the fact that gambling is considered legal in most states, problem gamblers can still have a significant negative impact on their finances and on their loved ones. Not only does it cause a lot of stress to the gambler, but it can also lead to criminal activities like embezzlement and theft. Among teenagers, problem gambling often leads to depression. Problem gambling behaviors are also prevalent among college students, which can jeopardize their education and cause additional strain on their families.

There are many reasons why problem gamblers develop this condition. It affects a person’s psychological, physical, and social well-being. Problem gambling is an impulse control disorder and can lead to a variety of health problems. Problem gamblers may experience migraines, depression, distress, and even suicide attempts. It is important to recognize the ramifications of gambling addiction before it is too late. For more information on problem gambling, visit the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Signs of a gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is a serious mental health condition that can make an individual feel numb or even anxious. In addition to causing physical discomfort, the symptoms of addiction can cause a person to change their social habits or even lie. In order to deal with this problem, you should start by talking to the person about their gambling behavior. While it is impossible to force an addicted person to stop gambling, you can offer support and encourage them to seek professional help.

Compulsive gambling is a serious problem that often manifests itself through erratic moods, double lives, and a constant urge to gamble. Mood swings are one of the most common symptoms of a gambling addiction, but they can be misinterpreted as normal upset. Ultimately, the symptoms of a gambling addiction are incredibly dangerous. It’s crucial to get help as soon as you notice these warning signs so you can take the appropriate action.

Treatment options

When you’re having trouble stopping your gambling habit, treatment options for gambling addiction can be beneficial. Individuals who have an addiction to gambling may benefit from a residential program, which gives them professional support and ample time to deal with their problems. A residential program will address the impact of gambling on your life and the triggers that lead to addictive behavior. Individual therapy may also be an option. In a residential program, you can also learn effective coping mechanisms to manage your gambling habits.

The rates of people seeking treatment for gambling addiction are low. This may be because they have not been aware of treatment options and have lost motivation to stay in a program. Also, the dropout rate of GA and professional treatment programs is high. It may be due to the fact that many people who suffer from gambling are conflicted about the need to change. Ultimately, treatment options for gambling addiction are essential for those who want to recover from their problem.

Legalization of gambling

The expansion of gambling is not without its negative consequences. Some argue that legalized gambling acts as a regressive tax on the poor, making them even poorer. Other argue that it intensifies the effects of pre-existing social problems. Regardless of the reasons, legalized gambling can be a positive for communities, as it promotes economic growth and the development of new businesses. Legalized gambling can also create a market for new gambling technologies.

The benefits of legalized gambling to local economies are a positive thing, but the downsides are just as important. The negative impacts of gambling, while they are localized, translate to net job losses for some countries. This is one reason why major businesses are concerned about the trend toward expanding legalized gambling. Although some studies suggest positive effects, many argue that legalized gambling has a negative economic multiplier. Hence, it is important for major businesses to consider the implications of legalized gambling.

The Warning Signs of a Gambling Problem

Gambling can be an addictive habit that can lead to serious consequences. Learn the symptoms of problem gambling and how to recognize a pattern. Gambling is an activity that affects a person’s mood, state of mind, and emotions. Once someone starts to feel the negative consequences of gambling, they will repeat the behavior to achieve the same effect. In this article, we’ll discuss the various types of gambling addiction and the warning signs of a problem.

Problem gambling

A gambling problem is a serious condition that negatively impacts a person’s life. It is a disorder characterized by an excessive interest in gambling, regardless of the stakes. The negative consequences of problem gambling are significant, social, and physical. Problem gambling is classified as an impulse control disorder and can cause physical and psychological harm to the gambler. In addition to the loss of control, problem gamblers may experience depression, headaches, or distress. Some may even attempt suicide.

Types of gambling

The types of gambling are diverse. Gambling is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. The vast majority of gambling involves the use of money. Internet gambling has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with users wagering an unlimited amount of money on hundreds of websites. Many of these online gambling operations are run by illegal offshore operations that do not pay winners, and are sometimes affiliated with organized crime. Despite the widespread popularity of online gambling, problem gambling remains an issue.

Signs of a problem

Gambling is a fun pastime when it is done in the spirit of fun, but it can quickly become a serious addiction. Unlike other forms of addiction, gambling is characterized by its hidden nature. It rarely manifests itself in the form of outward symptoms or physical illness. It can, however, manifest as a number of warning signs. Here are a few of the most common signs of a gambling addiction.

Symptoms of a problem

If you’ve ever been the victim of compulsive gambling, you’ll be more than familiar with the emotional and physical consequences of this behavior. Gambling can lead to relationship problems, financial troubles, and other problems. Some people hide their problem from family and friends, steal money, and even steal from other people. Luckily, professional help is available to those suffering from the effects of gambling. Here are some symptoms of a gambling problem that might help you identify the problem and seek help.

Resources to help stop problem gambling

If you are experiencing problems with your finances and relationship, problem gambling may be affecting your life. Getting help can help you regain control of your finances and relationships. Therapy is a great option for many people with gambling problems and can be an effective way to stop this destructive behavior. Some types of therapy involve cognitive behavioral therapy, which focuses on replacing negative beliefs with positive ones. Family therapy may also be beneficial. No matter what type of therapy you need, there are many resources to help you overcome your gambling problem.

The Dangers of Gambling

Problem gambling is an impulse-control disorder that can strike any age and any walk of life. Gambling is a dangerous activity that may end up ruining a person’s life. It also has a social and professional impact. This article will explain what makes gambling so addictive and the signs to look for. Weigh the risks and learn more about the impact on your life. Listed below are some ways to avoid gambling. If you think you may have a problem with gambling, please seek professional help.

Problem gambling is an impulse-control disorder

The term problem gambling has been associated with impulse control disorders, including ADHD. Researchers have long suspected that gambling disorders are caused by an under-controlled temperament. The definition of Gambling Disorder, however, has remained controversial. While it is based on several psychological and neuropsychological assumptions, a recent study suggests that problem gambling is closely related to under-controlled temperament. Researchers compared individuals with and without Gambling Disorder.

It can affect anyone from any walk of life

People from all walks of life are susceptible to gambling problems. Those who gamble frequently often suffer from financial problems and have negative effects on their relationships, health, and overall well-being. According to statistics, over $6 billion is lost annually as a result of gambling problems. While many people hide their problems in shame, gambling is an unhealthy obsession that can affect anyone, regardless of social class, education level, or personal background.

It is a risky activity

While gambling is fun and enjoyable, there are many negative side effects of gambling. Not only can it cause you to lose money, but it can also make you spend time in an unhealthy manner. Not only can gambling lead to poor health, it can even cause family problems. If you feel that gambling is affecting your life, consider speaking to a professional counselor. Professional help can help you stop gambling and recover from your addiction.

It is a way to get rich

The myth that gambling is a way to get rich is a popular one. While gambling is definitely not a way to become rich, the casino can be an exciting way to win money. Fortunately, there are other ways to make a big score in gambling. Here are a few ideas. 1. Play big-money poker tournaments. Even if you don’t win big-money poker tournaments, you can still win a lot of money by playing poker.

It can be a way to relieve boredom

Whether you are a frequent gambler or not, you have likely noticed yourself gambling as a way to avoid boredom. While it can be tempting to use gambling as a distraction, it should not be your only method of relieving boredom. Practicing mindfulness, exercising, and spending time with non-gambling friends are all effective ways to combat boredom. Listed below are some effective strategies for overcoming boredom.

It can be treated

Although there are no FDA-approved medications to treat gambling disorders, they may help people overcome other co-occurring conditions. Therapy may also be helpful. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one approach, focusing on changing distorted beliefs about gambling. Psychotherapy may also be helpful for family members, as the relationship between parents and children may be affected by gambling. Psychotherapy can also help a person deal with emotional issues related to the problem. While it may be difficult to see a doctor when you’re addicted to gambling, the help and support of family and friends is essential for overcoming the condition.

Gambling As a Problem

Gambling is one form of entertainment, but it can easily become a problem if you continue to engage in it. While it can be a fun and social experience, it can quickly become more important than you realize. As a result, it can lead to stress and increased levels of anxiety. Understanding the factors behind your gambling behavior is the first step towards changing it. You can find help from organisations that support those who suffer from gambling problems, or you can talk to a family member who may be a victim.

Forms of gambling

Problem gambling has many forms and varies in intensity. The purpose of this article is to provide an elaborate understanding of these forms and their associated intensities. To do so, this article utilizes two Massachusetts datasets. These datasets increase the number of individuals with gambling problems and provide the most recent data on gambling behavior at a population level in North America. These findings provide an insight into the nature of gambling and how it affects individuals’ health.

There are many forms of gambling, including lotteries, casino games, parimutuel wagering, sports betting, video games, and video games. Lotteries are an example of a form of gambling in which the government collects a portion of the revenues. The remainder goes to prizes, retailer commissions, and administrative expenses. The government taxes the gambling operators’ revenue. In turn, winning wagers are collected and taxed by the government.

Problems associated with excessive gambling

Studies on the effects of gambling have long acknowledged the dangers of problem gamblers. These researches have found that the gambling habit is common in about 80% of American adults. A subgroup of problem gamblers is known as pathological gamblers, and they are considered more severe than ordinary gamblers. The term “excessive gambling” is also used to describe the gambling habits of people who are addicted to this activity.

The concept of responsible gambling has been used to transform the problems associated with excessive gambling into individual issues. It attempts to remove the political nature of gambling from the equation. However, the term “responsible gambling” remains a controversial concept. However, its popularity has prompted several new policies and programs that aim to curb the problem of excessive gambling. Here are some examples. You can find the right one for you by browsing the following resources:

Treatment options

Treatment options for gambling addiction depend on the nature of the problem and the severity of the problem. Gambling is an addiction, so treatment should target these two conditions separately. Treatments can involve individual therapy, family therapy, or 12-step programs, depending on the specific needs of the individual. A good therapist can help a person identify the triggers for their gambling behavior and work with them to address these problems. Similarly, psychotherapy can help a person understand their own misperceptions about gambling.

Other treatments involve psychotherapy, which is a form of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy helps an addict identify the reasons for their compulsive gambling behavior. Psychotherapy is similar to cognitive-behavioural therapy and can be highly effective in reversing the problem. Among other approaches, psychotherapy helps gambling addicts identify and change their own distorted perceptions about the consequences of their actions. It can also help a person identify a positive outcome of their gambling behavior, such as the reversal of a misperception about their gambling ability.

How to Recognize If Someone You Know Has a Gambling Problem

Gambling can lead to depression, suicidal thoughts, and even suicide, so if you think you have a problem, call 999 or go to A&E as soon as possible. Gambling can be especially harmful to people with mental health problems, who may be turning to the activity to feel better about themselves or distract themselves from their feelings. Financial crisis can also lead to a gambling problem. If you are suffering from debt or other financial issues, you should contact StepChange for free debt advice.

Problem gambling

While gambling is enjoyable when done in the spirit of fun and entertainment, it can become a serious problem if it becomes an obsession. Problem gambling is a hidden addiction and rarely has obvious physical symptoms or outward signs. Problem gamblers must seek help to overcome their problem. The following information will help them determine whether or not gambling is affecting their lives. This information is available to the public at large. Read on to learn how to recognize if someone you know may have a problem with gambling.

Signs of a gambling disorder

The signs of a gambling disorder include persistent problems with work and relationships, as well as withdrawal from favorite hobbies and activities. Another common sign of a gambling disorder is a severe financial problem, with borrowing and late payments, as well as erratic service interruptions. In severe cases, people may even steal money in order to fund their obsession with gambling. If you suspect your loved one is suffering from a gambling disorder, you should seek professional help to address the problem.

Treatment options

Treatment options for gambling addiction are diverse and vary greatly between programs. The most common form of therapy focuses on challenging harmful gambling thoughts and behaviors. Other treatment methods include support groups, such as AA and NA. Many of these programs incorporate the 12-step process to help the patient overcome their addictive behavior. The most effective form of therapy, however, is cognitive behavioral therapy. Many of these programs use a combination of CBT and other therapies. Listed below are some of the most common treatment options for gambling addiction.

Legalities of gambling

The Legalities of Gambling vary widely depending on the location of the casino. Some countries have outright bans on gambling, while others allow casinos in their states. However, in the USA, gambling is permitted on a federal level but regulated at the state level. State legislatures regulate gambling both online and in the real world. Hence, it is essential to know the laws before starting playing online games or wagering on sporting events.

Health risks of gambling

While no single study has assessed the health risks of gambling, a Foundation-funded study found a continuum of harm, from no harm to severe harm. The harm spectrum spans from a few negative experiences to crisis points, often when a person is considering seeking professional help. While the harm associated with gambling increases with risk of problem gambling, the consequences are often more immediate and severe in problem gamblers. Here are some strategies for reducing the harmful effects of gambling.

Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

If you’re having difficulty controlling your urges to gamble, you may have a problem with gambling. This can negatively affect your life. If you’re not sure how to identify this problem, visit a gambling counsellor. They’re free, confidential, and available around the clock. Read on to learn the symptoms of problem gambling, how to deal with it, and how to get help. The following are just some of the many resources you can turn to for help.

Problem gambling

What is problem gambling? Problem gambling is a form of compulsive gambling that interferes with one’s life and affects all areas. The symptoms of pathological gambling include an increasing preoccupation with gambling, increased need to bet money, and chasing losses. It also affects the person’s relationship with family and career. A problem gambling coalition, such as the Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado, works to reduce harm caused by this behavior and promote treatment and research.

Help is available in the form of problem gambling counselling. There are many resources available, including online and telephone help for problem gamblers. An Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline is open 24 hours a day. Some people wonder if they need to quit gambling before getting help. Often, counselling does not require a person to give up gambling to begin treatment. A counsellor will not pressure someone to stop gambling just to end the session. However, a problem gambling counsellor can help a person change his or her behavior and find ways to improve their life.


While the signs of gambling addiction may not be as obvious as those of alcohol or drug addiction, they are indicative of a problem. Symptoms of gambling addiction may include depressed mood, irritability, and restlessness. These are all symptoms of emotional withdrawal, caused by a person’s obsession with gambling. Addicts perceive a need to gamble in order to feel happy. This behavior can be damaging and even lead to criminal charges.

Some people with a gambling problem may be spending money more than they originally planned. They might be borrowing money to finance their gambling habit, or they may spend a large percentage of their income without paying bills. Other signs of gambling addiction include a lack of sleep and thoughts of gambling. It is important to be cautious of anyone who suggests a gambling activity. Those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs should be monitored closely to avoid enabling them to continue gambling.


If you are experiencing any of the above gambling symptoms, it may be time to seek help. Often, gambling can become addictive and cause problems for both the gambler and their family. In order to identify compulsive gambling symptoms, you must first understand the symptoms of each disorder. Then, you can decide on a course of treatment that will help you deal with each. The symptoms of gambling addiction may include a denial that can be difficult to overcome.

In addition to the emotional and financial stress that comes from gambling, the individual and family relationships can suffer. Many times, children are the victims of emotional distress. In addition to the financial consequences, people suffering from gambling addiction often face physical problems as well. Gambling addiction is associated with an increased risk of alcohol and drug abuse. While there are no specific gambling symptoms that can be diagnosed in children, parents should be aware of these signs and seek treatment. The symptoms of gambling addiction vary from person to person.


A mental health professional can diagnose gambling addiction through a comprehensive assessment. He or she will analyze the patient’s gambling behaviors and assess any medical or psychological conditions that may contribute to compulsive behavior. A psychiatric assessment may also be done to identify underlying mental disorders that may be causing excessive gambling. In the United States, gambling addiction is formally diagnosed using the DSM-5, published by the American Psychiatric Association. The PGSI is a similar assessment tool used in other countries.

Psychotherapy may be a good option for people with problem gambling. Therapists will use techniques like cognitive behavior therapy to replace destructive beliefs with healthier ones. During this therapy, problem gamblers will learn to recognize and change the negative thinking patterns that contribute to their addiction. They may also learn how to cope with family and work relationships that are affected by gambling. Regardless of which method is most appropriate for a patient’s particular situation, therapy can help them get back in control of their lives.

Signs and Treatments of Problem Gambling

Gambling can be a problem in a variety of situations. Depending on the scale of the gambling activity, it may be organized by a commercial establishment, which could easily obtain a portion of the money wagered by patrons. Large-scale gambling activities, however, are most often organized by professionals and commercial entities. If you’re worried that your gambling habit is out of control, here are some tips for treatment. Continue reading to learn more about the signs and treatments of problem gambling.

Problem gambling

Gambling is defined as an activity in which something of value is risked, usually with the hope of a larger prize. However, there are a number of consequences to this behavior. Problem gambling can interfere with other activities, hurt one’s finances, reputation, and family relationships. Thankfully, there are treatments and support groups to help individuals overcome their addiction. This article discusses some of the most common types of treatment for problem gambling. To learn more, read on.

Two widely used diagnostic tools exist. The NODS and the PGSI. The NODS categorizes respondents by four different levels of problem gambling severity. NODS also provides lifetime prevalence rates of problem gambling, while PGSI refers to the past twelve months. Both are valid and reliable tools for identifying problem gamblers. While both scales have some similarities, they differ in the number of items and the severity of symptoms. NODS uses more detailed, empirically based criteria based on the DSM-IV. The PGSI is based on a more general definition of gambling-related harm, and has four response options.

Types of problem gambling

The majority of typologies of problem gambling are based on a person’s personality and character traits, but they do not account for the changing nature of these characteristics or for the fact that people’s level of addiction varies greatly. Many of these categories neglect the social context in which a person lives and the fluctuating intensity of excess in gambling activity. This leaves many individuals vulnerable to the consequences of problem gambling. Here are some types of problem gambling:

Behavioral Health Association of Iowa: Since this survey was conducted in 2014, only 17 states funded a full-time person to address problem gambling issues. The program has a social media component that involves regular posts. In Iowa, the “Your Best Bet Yet” campaign will feature videos and other content on problem gambling. Heartland Family Service will also be participating in the “Your Best Bet Yet” social media campaign. While it has limited resources, it can make a big difference for individuals struggling with problem gambling.


If you suspect you may have a gambling disorder, you should seek out treatment. There are several options available, from therapy and medication to support groups. Gambling is a common comorbid condition with alcohol and other drugs, and treatment options vary depending on the type of addiction and the extent of the problem. Treatment for gambling disorders can be found through your state’s mental health department or a certified health care provider. These health care providers are trained to deal with people who are suffering from addictions and are certified in the treatment of gambling disorders.

Although the FDA does not approve any specific medication to treat gambling disorder, a variety of treatments are being researched. Several of these medications have shown promise. Escitalopram, lithium, nalmefene, and valproate have shown promising results in randomized clinical trials. The effectiveness of these medications largely depends on how well they work, but there are several options that have side effects. To determine which treatment is right for you, talk to your doctor.

Signs of problem gambling

While many people gamble without any problems, those who are affected by problem gambling can change their lives dramatically. Signs of problem gambling include placing bets on horses or machines without considering the risk factors, dropping money into the machine, or going on to other activities after the draw. In some cases, the gambler may even start stealing to finance their addiction. Regardless of the source, it is essential to seek professional help as soon as you notice any of these signs.

Problem gambling is often very destructive and can affect a person’s finances, relationships, and other areas of their life. It can affect anyone of any age, race, or socioeconomic status. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim of problem gambling. Understanding the signs and how to recognize a potential problem is your first defense. Here is a chart that can help you determine your level of risk.

How Gambling Is Similar To Substance Abuse

While gambling is an acceptable pastime for many people, for those who are suffering from compulsive gambling, it may be time to think about some alternatives. For example, if you are bored with your life, try to exercise, spend time with friends that don’t gamble, or practice relaxation techniques. But if you feel that gambling is a way to self-soothe, you may want to consider seeking professional help. These services provide counseling, support, and resources for people with compulsive gambling.

Responsible gambling means understanding the odds

Understanding the odds is one of the most crucial aspects of responsible gambling. While it is fun to gamble, it can also have negative effects on your life and the lives of others. As such, responsible gambling means knowing when to quit and knowing your limit. Responsible gambling should be a fun, relaxing activity that does not lead to problems. Learning to understand the odds is a necessary step to preventing gambling addiction. You may start gambling casually, but without a plan, it may become a serious problem.

Compulsive gambling is a mental disorder

Treatment for compulsive gambling involves changing unhealthy gambling behaviors and thoughts. Treatment may include therapy, medication, or lifestyle changes. Individuals with problem gambling may need therapy for other mental health issues as well, such as substance abuse and depression. Self-help groups are often a helpful part of treatment for individuals with gambling addiction. Treatment for compulsive gambling may also include treatments for anxiety and depression. For some people, however, treatment may involve medications.

It is similar to substance abuse

While it may seem counterintuitive, gambling is similar to substance abuse in several ways. Problem gamblers tend to lie to loved ones, bet larger amounts of money, and experience intense withdrawal symptoms when they stop. In fact, problem gamblers attempt suicide at a higher rate than non-problem gamblers. And, as with drug and alcohol abuse, gambling is also similar to addiction to other addictive substances. This article outlines some of the most common ways gambling can resemble substance abuse.

Signs and symptoms

Problem gambling is often difficult to detect, especially when the person is not open about it. They may lie or become angry when questioned about their behavior. They may also resort to manipulative behavior, such as making excuses for not paying bills. In some cases, they may even steal money to fund their gambling addiction. Here are some signs that you should look for when noticing one of these behaviors. These signs are indicative of an addiction to gambling.


Treatment for gambling addiction can include a number of different methods, including antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and psychotherapy. While medications can help reduce the urge to gamble, they do not cure the problem. Therapy can also help individuals overcome other issues that are related to gambling, such as their family and financial status. While gambling is a highly addictive activity, it is also a serious problem that can cause significant emotional and financial damage.

Penyebab dan Faktor Real Madrid Babak Belur

Nama Carlo Ancelotti merupakan nama yang tidak asing lagi di dunia persepak bolaan. Laki-laki kelahiran Italia ini memang sangat mencintai sepak bola. Ia mulai karirnya di dunia sepak bola sebagai pemain profesional sejak tahun 1976 ketika usianya masih belasan tahun. Selama menjadi pemain, ia berkarir di 3 klub sepak bola ternama yaitu Parma, A S Roma dan juga AC Milan. Setelah pensiun menjadi pemain, Ancelotti masih ada di ranah yang sama namun kali ini ia menjadi pelatih.

Karirnya dalam melatih tim sepak bola dimulai sejak tahun 1995. Ia pun melatih cukup banyak tim bola yang kini menjadi tim-tim besar yang sangat kuat misalnya Reggiana, Parma, Juventus, Milan, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid, dan Bayern Munchen. Dari sepanjang perjalanannya menjadi pelatih, kualitas Carlo Ancelotti tidak perlu dipertanyakan lagi.

Kekalahan Real Madrid Tamparan untuk Carlo Ancelotti

Pelatih satu ini merasa sangat bersalah atas kekalahan yang dialami oleh Real Madrid ketika melawan Barcelona. Tim yang dibelanya ini kalah (0-4) dengan telak yang membuat ini menjadi sebuah tamparan untuk Carlo Ancelotti. Real Madrid kemarin tampil tak berkutik mendapatkan serangan dari Barcelona. Ancelotti mengakui ada banyak sekali kesalahan fatal yang terjadi ketika Real Madrid bertanding melawan Barcelona, salah satunya adalah karena ketidak hadiran Karim Benzema dan beberapa faktor lain.

Terkuak Beberapa Kesalahan Fatal Real Madrid

  1. Modric jadi False-Nine
    Absennya Benzema pada pertandingan melawan Real Madrid kemarin berdampak sangat bessar sekali. Sebenarnya ada dua striker di bangku cadangan yaitu Diaz dan Jovic, namun Ancelotti malah memainkan Modric sebagai false nine di lapangan. Hal ini membuat posisi tim menjadi kacau dan Barca dapat bermain merajalela.
  2. Kebingungan Bek
    Ancelotti pun mengambil keputusan dengan memposisikan Carvajal di bek kanan, serta Nacho di bek kiri. Namun kedua pemain ini sering sekali keluar dari posisi sehingga pemain lain jadi kebingungan.
  3. Tidak ada Rotasi
    Karena ada beberapa pemain yang absen, seharusnya Ancelotti melakukan perombakan posisi tim yang intens. Namun yang terjadi adalah, barisan pemain dibuat tetap sama sehingga menjadikan pemain malah kebingungan.

Pilihan Buah untuk Darah Rendah

Beberapa buah yang mampu untuk mencegah dari darah rendah 

Kurang nya cairan dan nutrisi seperti zat besi, folat dan vitamin lainnya biasanya menjadi terjadinya darah rendah atau bisa di sebut sebagai Hipotensi, maka dari itu makanan dan cairan yang cukup dapat membantu mencegah dari kondisi ini. Lalu ini lah beberapa jenis buah buahan yang dapat menaikan atau mencegah dari darah rendah yaitu :

1. Buah bit


Buah bit adalah buah yang bisa mencegah dari darah rendah lo, karena di buah bit ternyata mengandung folat yang cukup tinggi. Di dalam satu buah bit bisa menghasil 140 gram atau 1/2 cup buah bit biasanya menggandung hingga 120 mcg.

Yang bisa kita artikan dengan mengomsumsi buah bit kita bisa menghasilkan sehingga 40% kebutuhan folat harian. Mengapa sebabnya buah fit bisa menjadi buah yang alternatif untuk menaikan atau mencegah dari darah rendah.

2. Semangka


Yang kedua ada buah semangka siapa yang tidak tau dengan buah semangka, buah yang memiliki bentuk bulat dan memiliki warna merah darah ini selain rasanya manis ternyata buah yang satu ini dapat menaikan darah ketka sedang rendah lo, di karenakan di dalam buah semangka mengandung 120 gram atau setara dengan satu gelas atau 120ml air dan nutrisi yang sangat lah penting untuk tubuh kita.

3. Zaitun 

Minyak zaitun ternyata termasuk salah satu buah buahan yang dapat mencegah kita dari darah rendah dan dapat mengatasi dari penyakit hipotensi. Sebagian besar zaitun di rendam di dalam air garam atau air yang sudah asin hingga zaitun memiliki kandungan beruta natrium yang cukup tinggi.

Mungkin banyak yang tidak tahu bahwa garam merupakan komponen komponen yang bisa di tingkatkan terjadi nya darah rendah dan pastikan tidak terlalu banyak menggunakan garam untuk merendam buah zaitum agar terhindar dari darah tinggi ya di karena terlalu asin.

4. Jeruk  

Berikut nya ada buah jeruk, Jeruk adalah buah yang memiliki bentuk seperti semangka tetapi jeruk rentan memiliki ukuran lebih kecil dari semangka dan berwarna kuning hingga ke orange an, buah jeruk bukan hanya memiliki vitamin C saja lo ternyata buah jeruk juga bisa menaikan darah rendah pada seseorang yang mengalami darah rendah. Di dalam buah jeruk memiliki salah satu komponen sehingga buah jeruk juga dapat mencegah dari penyakit hipotensi. Dan buah jeruk memiliki kandungan folat dan akhirnya buah jeruk dapat menaikan tekanan darah kita yang turun.


5. Pepaya


Pepaya, siapa yang tidak tau dengan buah satu ini, pepaya yang berada di cuaca tropis ini bisa anda temukan di indonesia dan berbagai negara lainnya yang penting memiliki cuaca tropis yaaa. Buah pepaya memiliki 150 gram dan bisa di artikan bisa mengandung sehingga 55 mg folat yang dapat memenuhi 15% untuk kebutuhan folat harian anda.

6. Stroberi  

Buah stroberi adalah buah yang memiliki bentuk cukup unik yaitu memiliki bentuk berupa segi tiga, namun memiliki bentuk yang unik ternyata buah stroberi memiliki kemampuan untuk menaik kan tekanan darah kitta yang sedang turun lo. Di karenakan di dalam buah stroberi terdapat kandungan seperti : Air, Vitamin K, Serat dan masih banyak lainnya lagi. Jika anda mengkomsumsi dengan porsi yang pas maka anda akan mendapatkan efek yang sangat luar biasa dari buah ini.


7. Alpukat 


Siapa yang tidak tau dengan buah yang satu ini? ya benar alpukat, buah alpukat juga memiliki banyak peminat atau penggemar di karena selain manis rasanya ternyata memiliki banyak khasiat pada buah ini lo man teman. Salah satu nya bisa menaikkan kerendahan darah anda lo, di karena kan buah alpukat memiliki gizi seperti : zat besi, natirum dan kalium.

Dan jika kalian komsumsi dengan benar dan tidak berlebihan maka buah ini sangat bermanfaat bagi tubuh kita, sudah rasa nya enak memiliki berbagai khasiat lagi.

8. Blewah


Buah blewah memang agak aneh di dengar di karena kan jarang orang yang suka pada buah tersebut. Namun ternyata buah ini sangat bermanfaat bagi kesehatan kita lo, dikarenakan buah blewah memiliki kandungan yang cukup tinggi dan memiliki kandungan gizi seperti kalori,fosfor,magnesium dan masih banyak lagi kandungan yang terdapat di dalam buah blewah.

Jika anda mengidap rendah nya pada tekanan darah anda, anda bisa mengomsumsi buah ini. Buah blewah ternyata juga bisa menaikan tekanan darah seseorang yang sedang turun lo jika di komsumsi dengan benar dan tidak berlebih. Namun bukan hanya menaikkan tekanan darah yang rendah saja, buah blewah memiliki manfaat seperti : bagus untuk kulit,mencegah kita dari kanker, buah yang memiliki rendah kalori dan masih banyak lagi manfaat buah blewah jika kita komsumsi dengan benar dan tidak berlebihan yaa.

Pemain Bintang Yang Memiliki Prestasi Luar Biasa

Pemain bintang sepak bola yang  sudah berusia 30 tahun namun memiliki skill yang masih luar biasa

Pada hari ini kita akan membahas beberapa pemain yang sudah memiliki skillnya yang sudah memudar di karenakan faktor usia. Pada artikel kali ini kita akan membahas tentang sepak bola, siapa sih yang tidak tau dengan permainan sepak bola. Permainan sepak bola di mainkan oleh 11 orang dan memiliki 6 hingga 7 pemain sebagai cadangan nya, di dalam permainan sepak bola memiliki beberapa susunan posisi pemain yaitu dari GK,RB,CB,CB,RB,CMF,DMF,CMF,AMF,CF,CF jika tim tersebut memainkan formasi 4-3-1-2.

sedangkan di dunia sepak bola bukan hanya terdapat formasi tersebut namun masih banyak beberapa formasi yang diterapkan oleh setiap pelatihnya atau coach mereka masing masing. Pada artikel kali ini kita akan membahas beberapa pemain yang sudah berusia cukup tua namun memiliki skill yang masih luar biasa. 

Berikut pemain pemain yang sudah memiliki umur 330 tahun namun memiliki skill yang masih luar biasa :

Kevin De Bruyne

De bruyne pada tahun ini sudah mengijak kan umur nya di 30 tahun, namun umur bukan la penghalang bagi bintang asal belgium tersebut. Menurut kevin dia masih mampu untuk memperkuat tim nya yaitu Manchester City, dengan berusia 30 tahun pada tahun ini kevin de bruyne masih layak untuk bertahan di Man City Di karena dia mampu mencetak 20 gol dari 35 pertandigan dan menyumbangkan 25 assist dari 35 pertandigan tersebut.

Thiago Alcantara

8 trofi bersama Bundesliga yaitu dengan tim munchen, meimliki 5 gelar la liga bersama barcelona hingga beberapa kali merengkrut liga champion pada tahun 2018-2019 di Munchen, Thiago sudah menginjak usia nya pada 30 tahun pada november silam. Namun di usia 30 nya dirinya masih begitu aktif dalam bermain, pantas saja dia juga adalah pemain yang di idola kan banyak fans nya di karena kan di umur  yang 30 dia masih menjadi pemain bintang bersama tim kesayangan nya yaitu Munchen. Dengan 20 pertandingan bersama Munchen, Thiago mampu mencetak 11 gol dan 15 assist, tidak heran jika Thiago masih tangguh walaupun dia sudah mengijak di umur yang ke 30.


Pemain asal kelahiran prancis ini juga sudah memiliki umur yang tidak mudah lagi yaitu kante sudah memiliki umur 32 tahun di akhir tahun 2022 silam, Namun menurut kante umur bukan la penghalang dia untuk tetap menjadi pemain bintang di negara maupun di tim yang dia mainkan. Kante bermain di tim the blue atau Chelsea, ia bergabung bersama chelsea pada tahun 2015 yang di beli seharga 30 million euro pada saat itu. ia juga dapat menampilkan kemampuan nya di chelsea biarpun umur nya sudah tidak mudah lagi. Kante dapat membukti kan kepada tim kesayangan nya jika umur tidak la bermasalah baginya, kante mampu mencetak 20 gol dalam 27 pertandingan dan memberikan 17 assist.

Eden Hazard

sepertinya fans dari chelsea harus merasakan pemain bintang mereka di karena pemain bintang tersebut yaitu Hazard harus di lepas dari pelatih chelsea yaitu Thomas Tuchel dan Hazard di jual ke tim liga spanyol yaitu real madrid. Dalam gelar nya di chelsea hazard memiliki beberapa prestasi seperti mencetak 27 gol dalam 40 pertandingan dan menghasil 25 assist bersama chelsea tersebut. Namun sang bintang harus pindah ke real madrid karena hazard sudah di rekrut dari chelsea ke real madrid.

Antoine Griezmann

Griezmann pemain bintang yang kelahiran di prancis memiliki masa masa yang indah sebelum dia di jual ke atletico madrid, ketika masa nya bersama tim barcelona dia dapat mengeluarkan permaianan yang luar biasa biarpun dia sudah tidak mudah lagi. Di usia nya sekarang yang memasuki 31 tahun bukan jadi halangan bagi Griezmann tetap menjadi pemain bintang di barcelona sebelum akhirnya dia pindah ke atletico madrid.

transfer pemain yang menguntungkan real madrid sepanjang masa nya

Real Madrid dikenal sebagai klub bertabur pemain bintang. Klub berjuluk Los Blancos tersebut bahkan kerap jor-joran dalam membeli pemain bintang.

Real Madrid bahkan tidak peduli dengan harga pemain yang mereka inginkan. Karena itu, tidak jarang Los Blancos sampai harus memecahkan rekor transfer dunia untuk mendapatkan pemain.

Tak hanya membeli, Real Madrid juga sering menjual pemainnya ke klub lain. Bahkan Los Merengues mampu mendapat keuntungan yang besar dari hasil penjualan pemain mereka.

Berikut ini Beberapa penjualan pemain paling menguntungkan dalam sejarah Real Madrid :

Gonzalo Higuain

Real Madrid merekrut Gonzalo Higuain dari River Plate pada bursa transfer musim dingin 2007. Transfer Higuain ke Santiago Bernabeu menelan biaya 10,8 juta pounds pada saat itu.

Higuain berkembang menjadi salah satu striker yang cukup disegani di La Liga. Pemain asal Argentina itu mampu mencetak 107 gol dari 190 penampilan di liga.

Namun Higuain kemudian memutuskan hengkang ke Napoli pada 2013 dengan biaya transfer 35,1 juta pounds. Los Blancos pun mendapatkan keuntungan sebesar 24,3 juta pounds dari penjualan Higuain tersebut.

Mesut Ozil

Playmaker Arsenal, Mesut Ozil, usai mencetak gol ke gawang Newcastle United, Minggu (16/2/2020) dini hari WIB. © AP Photo
Mesut Ozil direkrut Real Madrid dari Werder Bremen pada 2010 dengan biaya 16,2 juta pounds. Waktu itu, klub asal Spanyol tersebut ditangani Jose Mourinho.

Ozil kemudian melejit bersama Real Madrid. Dia adalah salah satu pemain yang paling produktif di klub dan dinobatkan sebagai Pemain Terbaik Jerman sebanyak tiga kali.

Setelah tiga musim di klub, Ozil memutuskan untuk pergi ke Arsenal pada tahun 2013 dengan biaya sebesar 42,3 juta pounds. Transaksi ini membuat Los Blancos mendapat keuntungan sebesar 26,1 juta pounds.

Raphael Varane

Aksi duel udara Raphael Varane pada laga pekan ke-4 Premier League 2021/2022 melawan Newcastke, Sabtu (11/9/2021) malam WIB.
Raphael Varane didatangkan Real Madrid dari Lens dengan biaya 9,9 juta pounds pada tahun 2011. Tak butuh waktu lama, Varane menjadi pemain paling penting di lini belakang Los Blancos.

Varane berhasil membantu Real Madrid meraih empat gelar Liga Champions. Duetnya dengan Sergio Ramos adalah salah satu alasan utama kesuksesan Los Merengues.

Pada musim panas 2021, Varane memutuskan untuk mencari tantangan baru bersama Manchester United. Ditebus seharga 36 juta pounds, pemain Prancis itu memberikan keuntungan sebesar 26,1 juta pounds kepada Los Blancos.

Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Morata merupakan pemain didikan akademi Real Madrid. Setelah bersinar bersama Juventus, Los Blancos lantas memulangkannya ke Spanyol dengan mahar 27 juta pounds.

Pada musim 2016/17, Morata tampil begitu mengesankan. Dia mencetak 20 gol di semua kompetisi dan membantu Real Madrid memenangi La Liga dan Liga Champions.

Chelsea kemudian merekrut Morata dengan biaya yang mencapai 59,4 juta pounds. Real Madrid pun meraup keuntungan hingga mencapai 32,4 juta pounds saat melepas striker asal Spanyol tersebut.

Angel di Maria

Angel di Maria bergabung dengan Real Madrid pada 2010 setelah ditebus dari Benfica seharga 29,7 juta pounds. Sang pemain kemudian membantu klub meraih trofi La Liga dan Liga Champions.

Meski kontribusinya cukup bagus, Real Madrid memutuskan untuk menjual Di Maria ke Manchester United. Dia dilepas ke Old Trafford dengan harga 67,5 juta pounds.

Banyak yang kecewa dengan kepergian Di Maria dari Santiago Bernabeu. Namun pemain asal Argentina tersebut ternyata membawa keuntungan finansial buat Los Blancos sebesar 37,8 juta pounds.



Bintang Barcelona, Ferran Torres, tak bisa menyembunyikan kesedihan karena membuang banyak peluang saat Blaugrana menghadapi Napoli di leg pertama play-off knockout Liga Europa di Camp Nou, Jumat (18/2/2022) dini hari WIB. Legenda Barcelona, Carles Puyol, mengirimkan pesan penting untuk Torres.

Barcelona harus puas berbagi poin dengan Napoli dalam pertandingan Liga Europa di Camp Nou tersebut. Ferran Torres mencetak gol penyeimbang kedudukan dari titik putih setelah sempat tertinggal lebih dulu dari tim tamu.


Namun, Ferran Torres juga melewatkan sejumlah peluang penting yang didapatkan Barcelona, di mana tim tuan rumah memang cukup mendominasi jalannya pertandingan malam itu.

Sejumlah peluang tersebut membuat Barcelona gagal memiliki keunggulan atas Napoli jelang menjalani leg kedua pada pekan depan. Bahkan setelah pertandingan, Ferran Torres menyadari kesalahannya telah membuang begitu banyak peluang bagi Barcelona.

Ferran Torres sampai meneteskan air matanya pada akhir pertandingan, menyesali kegagalannya memaksimalkan peluang-peluang yang sudah didapatkannya untuk membantu Barcelona dalam laga tersebut.



Melihat Ferran Torres menangis setelah pertandingan, tentu menjadi sebuah pemandangan sedih karena sang pemain sudah bekerja keras untuk menciptakan peluang-peluang tersebut dan melakukan positioning yang bagus dalam pertandingan.

Namun, upaya yang dilakukannya sepanjang pertandingan mendapatkan apresiasi. Hal tersebut datang dari legenda Barcelona, Carles Puyol.

“Ferran Torres memberikan kami begitu banyak hal hebat. Visca Barca,” tegasnya kepada Sport.

Kata-kata kecil itu, tak perlu diragukan lagi, Ferran Torres akan menghargainya ketika berusaha melupakan kekecewaannya dalam pertandingan tersebut.


Hadapi Valencia Sebelum Kembali Menantang Napoli


Cristiano Ronaldo tidak menyesal setelah membuat film dokumenter yang intim tentang kehidupan dan karirnya, katanya dalam konferensi pers di London untuk menandai peluncuran film tersebut pada hari Senin. Dibuat oleh tim di balik film pemenang penghargaan tentang Ayrton Senna dan Amy Winehouse, ‘Ronaldo’ memetakan kehidupan Ronaldo antara kemenangan Piala Eropa Real Madrid pada tahun 2014 dan mahkota Ballon d’Or ketiganya pada Januari 2015. Pengungkapan film termasuk pengakuan oleh ibu Ronaldo, Dolores, bahwa dia ingin menggugurkannya, sementara Ronaldo berbicara secara terbuka tentang perjuangan saudara laki-laki dan mendiang ayahnya dengan alkoholisme.

“Saya tidak menyesali apapun. Saya merasa tidak bisa dipercaya. Ketika Anda melakukan sesuatu, orang akan menemukan alasan untuk mengkritik Anda, tetapi itu normal.”

Film ini menangkap momen-momen intim di rumah antara Ronaldo dan putranya yang berusia lima tahun – yang ia sebut sebagai “penerus saya” – dan menunjukkan dia bersantai dengan teman-teman termasuk agennya, Jorge Mendes.

Kapten Portugal, 30, membahas obsesinya untuk memenangkan Ballon d’Or, yang telah ia menangkan selama dua musim terakhir setelah melihat rival besarnya di Barcelona Lionel Messi meninggalkannya selama empat tahun sebelumnya. “Saya mulai melihatnya sebagai pribadi, bukan saingan,” kata Ronaldo tentang pemain Argentina itu. “Tapi kami selalu berusaha keras untuk melihat siapa yang lebih baik.”

Tentang spekulasi tentang identitas ibu putranya, Ronaldo, yang menggambarkan dirinya dalam film sebagai “orang yang terisolasi” dengan beberapa teman di sepak bola, mengatakan: “Saya tidak pernah memberi tahu siapa pun dan saya tidak akan pernah.” Ditanya pada konferensi pers mengapa film tersebut tidak menampilkan Irina Shayk, model Rusia yang dia pisah dari Januari lalu, Ronaldo mengatakan itu karena pembuat film “tidak melihat bagian yang kuat untuk dimasukkan ke dalam film”.

Film tersebut juga mengungkapkan bahwa janji mantan manajer Manchester United Alex Ferguson bahwa Ronaldo akan bermain di 50 persen pertandingan klub mendorongnya untuk pindah ke Old Trafford pada tahun 2003. Mendes mengatakan bahwa tawaran Ferguson adalah kunci dalam mendorong pemain sayap, yang saat itu sedang naik daun berusia 18 tahun di Sporting Lisbon, untuk menolak tawaran saingan dari klub termasuk Barcelona dan Inter Milan.


Ronald koeman selaku pelatih barcelona bercerita jika lionel messi pernah marah besar selama 1 minggu di barcelona, kejadian itu bermula saat latihan di klub asal catalunya itu.

menurut pelatih barca itu, lionel messi selalu meminta melakukan permainan yang melempar bola ke teman temannya dengan cara 1 pemain harus mengambil bola tersebut, di indonesia itu biasa di sebut kucing kucingan.

messi marah besar karena pemain yang senior tidak pernah menang melawan pemain yang lebih muda.

pelatih belanda itu mengungkapkan peraturan permainan dalam kucing-kucingan tersebut, jika bola yang di mainkan sudah berputar atau mengelilingi pemain lebih dari 20 kali, maka pemain yang berada di posisi tengah atau pemain yang berusaha merebut bola akan mendapatkan tambahan putaran yang di tentukan oleh pelatih.

jika pemain yang di tengah kalah dalam merebut bola, maka pemain akan mendapatkan pukulan di kepala oleh para pemain yang lainnya, itu membuat messi marah besar, karena messi tidak setuju dengan peraturan tersebut yang membuat para senior yang bermain selalu menang dan tidak pernah kalah.

ronald koeman bertanya kepada lionel messi saat bertugas sebagai perebut bola, “apakah anda pernah kalah dan di pukul kepala oleh para pemain lainnya”, lionel Messi pun menjawab bahwa dia pernah sekali kalah dan di pukul dan itu sangat membuat dia marah besar dan malu.

ronald koeman mengungkapkan bahwa lionel messi sangat murka dan marah besar dan meminta pemainan itu tidak di lanjutkan dengan peraturan seperti itu karena tidak adanya keadilan.

messi selalu ingin memenangakan semua permainan dan tidak ingin kalah dalam permainan apapun dan kekalahan itu membuat messi marah besar selama 1 minggu di barcelona.

ronald koeman yang pernah melatih club inggris EVERTON pun juga bercerita bagiamana messi dalam menjalani sesi latihan.

saat berlatih, messi sangat serius dan messi sangat menghargai waktu dalam latihan, selama finishing dalam latihan pun ada pemain yang menendang bola dengan santai dan bermain-main, tapi dengan adanya messi semuanya menjadi lebih berwarna.

3 Transfer Pemain terburuk pada Sejarah Sepakbola

Bursa transfer merupakan di mana waktu untuk klub-klub dalam perkuatkan tim mereka masing-masing. Tim umumnya akan mendatangkan pilihan pemain terbaik untuk tim menjadi lebih kuat. Pemain baru sangat diharapkan agar dapat berkontribusi berat bagi klub. Namun, ada pembelian pemain yang baru malah membuat tim menjadi gagal. Berikut ini ada tiga transfer permain terburuk pada sejarah sepakbola.

1. Leonardo Bonucci

Mendatangkan Leonardo Bonucci dari Juventus ke AC milan di tahun 2017 kelihatan sangat mengesankan. Bonucci sedang dalam mencari tantangan yang baru sesudah sukses dengan Juventus.

Hal ini membuat AC Milan menjadi menarik terhadap Bonucci untuk direkrut agar bisa perkuat skuad mereka. Rossoneri putuskan untuk mendatangkan pemain tersebut di tahun 2017 dengan harga yang tidak murah, yakni mencapai 42 juta euro.Akan tetapi, pengorbanan dari AC Milan sia-sia dengan hasil kedatangan Bonucci yang tidak bisa membawa klub masuk ke posisi puncak klasemen. Dan pada akhirnya, Bonucci putuskan untuk balik ke Juventus setelah satu tahun memperkuat AC Milan.

2. Ricardo Kaka

Ricardo Kaka merupakan petaka bagi Real Madrid yang di rekrut dari AC Milan dengan harga yang sangat fantastis dengan nilai mencapai 68,5 juta euro di tahun 2009. Dengan kepindahanannya itu malah membuat awal kurang baik bagi kariernya sebagai mantan pemain gelandang dari Tim nasional Brazil. Bukan hanya dia gagal dalam beradaptasi dengan skuad, namun dia juga kerap mengalami cedera di dua tahun pertamanya di Real Madrid. Sehingga pada akhirnya Ricardo Kaka harus kembali ke tim asalnya AC Milan di tahun 2013 dengan bebas transfer.

3. Fernando Torres

Pada awalnya, Torres terlihat layaknya transfer yang sangat luar biasa untuk The Blues. Karena, Chelsea sudah mendatangkan stiker yang paling tajam di Liga Premier dari tim rivalnya, Liverpool. Chelsea merekrut Torres di tahun 2011 dengan nilai transfer mencapai 50 juta euro. Walaupun Torres bisa mencetak 45 gol bagi The Blues, termasuk dengan gol dalam kemenangan di semifinal Liga Champions di tahun 2012, dia juga tidak pernah mencetak lebih dari 8 gol bagi chelsea di satu musim Liga Premier. Fernando Torres di Chelsea tidak bisa setaham ketika memperkuat Liverpool.

Pogba Boleh Pergi Meninggalkan MU, dengan Syarat harus Merayu Camavinga agar masuk ke Old Trafford

Paul Pogba termasuk seorang pemain utama di setan merah. teapi sang bintang dari prancis saat ini sedang berada pada titit terakhir masa kontraknya yang akan segera berakhir.

sang mantan pemain juventus ini dikabarkan akan pergi dari manchester united. klub seperti prancis tidak lain adalah paris saint germain telah melaporkan bahwa ia sangat berminat untuk menampung paul pogba pada tahun depan.

Sebuah penolakan dalam kontrak baru Telah membuat setan merah harus segera siap untuk melepaskan seorang Paul pogba secara cuma-cuma pada musim panas tahun 2022. bersama manchester united dirinya telah memecahkan sebuah rekor transfer di inggris pada saat mendapatkanya pada 5 tahun yang lalu.

Paul pogba saat ini telah dipulangkan dari tim juventus dengan sebuah harapan agar bisa membantu MU untuk meraih banyaknya gelar. tetapi apa daya, takdir saat ini berkata lain, paul pogba justru tidak mampu untuk melakukan terlalu banyak pada saat ia kembali menuju ke MU.

seperti yang di lansir dari Express sport, untuk menebus semua itu, Paul pogba harus merayu seorang pemain tidak lain adalah camavinga. semua agar tidak lagi merasakan rasa sakit  yang ada di hati para fans setan merah.

Biaya sebesar 30 juta euro diucapkan menjadi sebuah nilai yang harus dikeluarkan oleh setan merah jika ingin mengamankan seorang pemain muda ini. Camavinga yang telah tampil sebanyak 85 pertandingan di level senior saat bersama dengan rennes dan ia telah berhasil menjelma seorang pemain muda yang terbauk pada ajang ligue 1 saat itu.

Setan merah bisa saja memohon kepada paul pogba untuk merayu juniornya agar ia mau bermain bersama old trafford. Setelah mendapatkan camavinga MU tidak akan mempersulit kepergian paul pogba saat ini.

Dilansir dari football35, Rennes saat ini sebenarnya sangat tidak ingin menjual sang pemain bintang mereka menuju ke klub lain. tetapi klub yang berasal dari prancis ini tidak ingin mengambil sebuah resiko agar tidak kehilangan camavinga secara cuma-cuma pada musim yang akan datang nanti.

Kylian Mbappe Memang Titisan Thierry Henry

Gelandang Chelsea, Cesc Fabregas angkat suara mengenai perbandingan Kylian Mbappe dan Thierry Henry. Fabregas mengamini perbandingan tersebut karena Mbappe memiliki banyak kesamaan dengan legenda Arsenal tersebut.

Semenjak debut di tim utama AS Monaco dua tahun yang lalu, ada banyak pujian yang masuk untuk sosok Kylian Mbappe. Ia dinilai memiliki gaya bermain yang sangat mirip dengan legenda Prancis, Thierry Henry.

Dalam dua tahun terakhir, ia berkembang menjadi salah satu penyerang muda mematikan. Ia berhasil membawa PSG menjadi juara Ligue 1 kemudian dilanjutkan dengan keberhasilannya membawa Timnas Prancis menjadi juara Piala Dunia 2018.

Di mata Fabregas, Mbappe memang memiliki banyak kesamaan dengan Henry. “Jika mata saya agak rabun, saya akan mengira saya melihat mantan rekan setim saya, Thierry Henry bermain untuk Timnas Prancis ketimbang Kylian Mbappe,” buka Fabregas di kolomnya di Telegraph. 

Selain gaya bermain, Fabregas juga menilai Mbappe punya banyak aspek yang mirip dengan legenda Arsenal tersebut.

“Ada begitu banyak kemiripan di antara mereka. Thierry hanya satu tahun lebih tua [20 tahun] saat memenangkan Piala Dunia daripada Mbappe. Kedua pemain juga mengawali karir mereka di AS Monaco, sehingga kebetulan ini cukup menakutkan.”

“Dari perspektif seorang gelandang, cara bermain Mbappe sangat identik dengan gaya Henry. Cara penyelsaian akhirnya, pergerakannya mengelabuhi bek benar-benar mirip. Ketika saya melihatnya, saya membayangkan betapa inginnya saya bermain dengannya karena saya suka penyerang yang selalu bergerak.”

Maurizio Sarri Resmi Jadi Nahkoda Baru Chelsea

Klub Liga Inggris, Chelsea resmi mengumumkan manajer baru mereka. The Blues resmi mengangkat Maurizio Sarri sebagai pelatih baru mereka musim depan.

Kemarin, Chelsea memutuskan untuk menghentikan kerja sama mereka dengan Antonio Conte. Pelatih asal Italia itu dipecat setelah gagal memebawa Eden Hazard dkk ke Liga Champions musim depan.

Setelah pemecatan Conte, publik dibuat bertanya-tanya mengenai siapa manajer baru Chelsea musim depan. Sejauh ini sudah ada satu nama yang dikabarkan akan melatih The Blues, yaitu Maurizio Sarri.

Pada hari Sabtu (14/7) sore ini, Chelsea resmi mengumumkan bahwa pelatih 59 tahun itu akan menjadi manajer baru mereka.

Dalam wawancara pertamanya untuk Chelsea, Sarri mengaku sangat antusias untuk membesut The Blues musim depan.

“Saya sangat senang bisa berkarir di Chelsea dan di Premier League. Ini adalah periode yang sangat menarik untuk karir saya.”

“Saya sudah tidak sabar untuk bertemu dan bekerja bersama para pemain saya pada hari Senin lalu kami akan berangkat ke Australia, di mana saya bisa lebih mengenal tim ini.”

“Saya harap kami bisa menampilkan sepakbola yang menghibur untuk para fans kami dan kami harap bisa bersaing untuk gelar juara di akhir musim nanti, yang mana klub ini pantas mendapatkannya.

Direktur Chelsea, Marina Granovskaia juga merasa senang bahwa timnya akan dilatih oleh pelatih sekaliber Sarri untuk musim depan.

“Kami sangat senang bisa menyambut Maurizio di klub ini dan kami tidak sabar menantikan ia membawa filosofinya ke Chelsea.”

“Napoli yang dibesut oleh Maurizo memainkan permainan yang paling menarik di Eropa. Permainan menyerang mereka begitu mengagumkan dan dinamis dan metode kepelatihannya juga mampu meningkatkan performa para pemainnya.”

“Dia sudah punya banyak pengalaman di Serie A dan Liga Champions dan kami tahu ia bisa sukses bekerja di Premier League.”

Dipecat Chelsea, Segini Besarnya Pesangon Antonio Conte

Klub Liga Inggris, Chelsea nampaknya akan segera berpisah dengan Antonio Conte. Tim asal kota London itu kabarnya sudah menyepakati besaran pesangon untuk sang pelatih pada musim panas ini.

Semenjak awal musim 2017/2018, sudah beredar kabar mengenai kepergian Conte dari Chelsea. Sang pelatih beberapa kali mengkritik kebijakan transfer klub yang tidak mendukung rencananya.

Rumor itu semakin membesar di akhir musim kemarin. Chelsea dikabarkan sudah mantap untuk memecat eks arsitek Timnas Italia itu setelah hanya mampu membawa The Blues finish di peringkat 5 klasemen akhir EPL.

Dilansir Goal International, setelah kurang lebih dua bulan penuh tanda tanya, Chelsea akhirnya akan segera memecat Conte. Mereka dikabarkan sudah menemukan formulasi yang tepat untuk pesangon sang pelatih. 

Menurut laporan tersebut, Chelsea sejatinya sudah ingin memecat Conte pada akhir musim lalu. Namun mereka terkendala mengenai pesangon sang pelatih.

Usai membawa Chelsea juara Liga Inggris di tahun 2017 silam, Chelsea langsung memberikan kontrak baru bagi Conte. Kontrak itu memiliki durasi yang panjang sehingga berpengaruh pada besaran gaji dan juga pesangonnya.

Setelah melalui proses negosiasi yang rumit, Chelsea akhirnya menyepakati besaran pesangon Conte senilai 9 juta pounds. Nilai ini kabarnya akan dicicil sebanyak tujuh kali dalam jangka waktu yang tidak disebutkan.

Dengan disepakatinya nilai pesangon Conte itu, Chelsea kabarnya akan segera meresmikan pelatih baru mereka dalam waktu dekat ini. Mereka akan menggunakan jasa Maurizio Sarri untuk juru taktik mereka.

Sarri sendiri sebelumnya melatih Napoli, di mana ia membuat tim kota Naples itu menjadi pesaing Scudetto yang kuat untuk Juventus. Namun pada musim depan, posisinya sudah digantikan oleh Carlo Ancelotti.

Chelsea sendiri juga harus membayar sejumlah uang ke Napoli untuk menggunakan jasa Sarri. Maklum meski sudah tidak menjadi pelatih utama Napoli, namun ia masih terikat kontrak di Naples untuk beberapa tahun ke depan.

Setelah urusan manajer ini kelar, Chelsea kabarnya akan langsung bermanuver di bursa transfer. Nama Jorginho dikabarkan akan menjadi rekrutan pertama The Blues musim ini. 

Jose Mourinho: Inggris Pulang Dengan Terhormat

Pelatih Manchester United, Jose Mourinho memberikan pujian kepada Timnas Inggris. Mourinho menyebut The Three Lions tidak perlu berkecil hati usai kalah dari Kroasia karena mereka sudah melakukan pekerjaan yang luar biasa di Piala Dunia 2018.

Timnas Inggris berhasil tampil di luar ekspektasi pada Piala Dunia 2018 ini. Mereka berhasil lolos ke babak semi final Piala Dunia 2018 setelah menumbangkan Kolombia dan Swedia di fase knockout.

Namun mimpi mereka untuk membawa pulang trofi Piala Dunia ke Inggris harus sirna dini hari tadi. Gol Mario Mandzukic di babak perpanjangan waktu memastikan Inggris kalah dari Kroasia dengan skor 2-1 dan mereka harus tersingkir.

Mourinho sendiri menilai Inggris telah melewatkan kesempatan emas yang sangat langka pada Piala Dunia ini. “Inggris memiliki alasan untuk menangis karena mereka sudah sangat dekat menjadi juara,” buka Mourinho kepada Russia Today. 

Meski gagal pada Piala Dunia kali ini, Mourinho menilai Inggris punya modal yang sangat bagus untuk sukses di masa depan.

“Selain menangisi kekalahan ini, saya rasa mereka juga memiliki alasan untuk bisa terus optimis.”

“Tim mereka saat ini sudah jauh lebih baik daripada tim mereka di Piala Dunia sebelumnya. Tim ini adalah tim muda, yang mana mayoritas pemainnya akan bermain di Piala Dunia berikutnya dengan pengalaman yang lebih kaya di level klub.”

Mourinho juga menilai Inggris harus mempertahankan Gareth Southgate karena sang pelatih akan membuat Inggris semakin hebat di masa depan.

“Jika saya menjadi pengambil keputusan di FA, maka tanpa ragu saya akan mempertahankan Gareth Southgate dan Steve Holland di posisi mereka saat ini dan memberikan mereka tugas untuk membawa tim ini ke Euro dan Piala Dunia berikutnya.”

“Seluruh orang yang terlibat di tim Inggris bisa pulang ke tanah kelahiran mereka dengan bangga. Mereka pulang dengan terhormat setelah memberikan segalanya untuk negara mereka dan mereka membuat seluruh negara mereka bangga pada mereka.”

Dengan kegagalan ini, puasa gelar Inggris semakin bertambah lama. Terakhir kali mereka mengangkat trofi internasional terjadi 52 tahun yang lalu pada Piala Dunia 1966.

Pellegrini Sudah Tak Sabar Tunggu Aksi Ciamik Wilshere

Pelatih anyar West Ham United, Manuel Pellegrini sudah tak sabar menantikan aksi Jack Wilshere di timnya. Wilshere yang tak mendapat tempat di skuat Arsenal akhirnya memutuskan menerima pinangan West Ham, dia berjanji memberikan permainan terbaiknya.

West Ham memang tengah berambisi menembus papan atas Premier League. Tim berlogo martil ini tengah memperbaiki tim mulai dari meningkatkan kualitas pelatih dan membeli pemain-pemain terbaik.

Wilshere pun dipercaya akan jadi pemain kunci West Ham di musim mendatang. Dia bisa berduet dengan Manuel Lanzini, atau bermain bergantian, tergantung taktik yang diterapkan Pellegrini.

Pellegrini tak segan memuji kualitas Wilshere yang menurutnya merupakan pemain hebat di level Premier League dan internasional. Dia percaya Wilshere akan memberikan komitmen tinggi dan menampilkan teknik bermain apiknya.

“Jack adalah pemain dengan kemampuan teknis yang hebat, itu dikombinasikan dengan energi dan komitmen,” ujar Wilshere di fourfourtwo.

“Dan dia sudah membuktikan kualitasnya di Premier League dan level internasional.”

Lebih lanjut, Pellegrini percaya Wilshere masih memiliki banyak potensi yang belum dia tampilkan. Dia pun akan berusaha sebaik mungkin memaksimalkan kemampuan mantan pemain Arsenal itu.

“Yang paling penting, dia tak sabar bermain untuk West Ham, dan berniat untuk mengembalikan performa terbaik yang sudah dia tampilkan di masa silam.”

“Di usia 26, dia masih punya banyak tahun untuk bermain sepak bola, dan saya percaya dia akan jadi aset hebat untuk kami.”

Thiago Furtuoso Jagokan Kroasia Kalahkan Inggris

Thiago Furtuoso melontarkan prediksinya ihwal pemenang laga semifinal Piala Dunia 2018 antara Timnas Inggris dan Timnas Kroasia. Penyerang Arema FC ini menjagokan Kroasia bisa menaklukkan Inggris dan maju ke partai puncak gelaran sepak bola akbar di dunia ini.

“Saya jagokan Kroasia yang bakal ke final,” ujar Thiago, Rabu (11/07).

“Mereka adalah tim bagus dan layak lolos ke final,” imbuh pemain asal Brasil tersebut.

Menurut Thiago, ada sejumlah hal yang membuatnya menjagokan Kroasia. Namun, pemain berusia 31 tahun tersebut, menyebut kualitas pemain Kroasia adalah faktor utama di balik pilihannya tersebut.

“Mereka punya pemain-pemain hebat seperti Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic, dan Mario Mandzukic,” tuturnya. 

Kroasia akan menghadapi Inggris pada laga Semifinal Piala Dunia 2018. Pertandingan ini akan dihelat di Stadion Luzhniki Rusia, Kamis (12/07) dini hari waktu Indonesia.

Pada fase sebelumnya, Kroasia melaju ke babak semifinal usai mengalahkan tuan rumah dengan skor 4-3, melalui drama adu penalti. Sementara, Inggris sukses mengalahkan Swedia dua gol tanpa balas.

Pemenang laga antara Inggris dan Kroasia sudah ditunggu Prancis, yang sebelumnya mengalahkan Belgia, pada partai final. Perhelatan puncak Piala Dunia ini akan dihelat di Stadion Luzhniki, Minggu (15/07) mendatang.

Luka Modric Layak Dapat Golden Ball Piala Dunia 2018

Pemain Kroasia, Mario Mandzukic mendukung Luka Modric sebagai pemain terbaik Piala Dunia 2018 Rusia. Dia percaya jika timnya berhasil melaju sampai final, Modric akan jadi kandidat utama peraih golden ball alias pemain terbaik sepanjang turnamen.

Sejauh ini kapten Kroasia itu memang selalu berperan penting atas penampilan apik Kroasia. Terakhir, saat mengalahkan Rusia, Modric kembali menampilkan permainan level tinggi dan akhirnya terpilih sebagai man of the match.

Itu bukan pertama kalinya Modric mendapat penghargaan pemain terbaik pertandingan. Dari lima laga Kroasia sejauh ini, Modric dinobatkan sebagai pemain terbaik di tiga laga di antaranya. Hal ini cukup membuktikan pentingnya peran Modric.

Fakta itulah yang menjadi landasan Mandzukic mengandalkan Modric sebagai calon pemain terbaik. Dia percaya Modric pantas mendapatkannya karena terus bekerja keras selama bertahun-tahun.

“Saya sudah mengenal Luka selama bertahun-tahun, tidak hanya di tim nasional. Dia layak mendapatkan semua penghargaan yang sudah dia raih, baik dari media maupun publik,” ungkap Mandzukic di fourfourtwo.

“Dia sudah bekerja sangat keras untuk sampai di titik ini, dia adalah kapten kami dan pemimpin kami dan jika tim ini berhasil meraih hasil hebat dan dia mendapatkan golden ball, dia memang layak.”

Prancis vs Belgia, Tak Ada Cara Mudah Hentikan Mbappe

Pelatih timnas Belgia, Roberto Martinez tak segan memuji kualitas Kylian Mbappe di timnas Prancis jelang pertemuan kedua tim di semifinal Piala Dunia 2018 Rusia, Rabu (11/7) pukul 01.00 dini hari WIB mendatang. Dia mengakui menghentikan Mbappe bukanlah tugas mudah.

Belgia sudah melalui banyak rintangan untuk mencapai semifinal ini. Eden Hazard dkk. memang berhasil memuncaki Grup G, tetapi mereka harus berjuang keras mengalahkan Jepang di 16 besar. Brasil sudah menunggu di perempat final.

Belgia ternyata sekali lagi mampu menampilkan mental tangguh dan menaklukkan Brasil, kali ini dengan penampilan yang lebih meyakinkan. Setelahnya, Belgia kembali menghadapi ujian berat, Prancis menutupi jalan menuju juara. 

Menukil espn, Roberto Martinez menyebut salah satu alasan kesuksesan Belgia adalah kerja sama tim. Skuat Belgia saat ini sudah bermain bersama untuk bertahun-tahun, status generasi emas sebenarnya tak begitu penting, mereka hanya ingin bermain bersama.

“Pemain-pemain ini sudah bekerja sama dengan luar biasa selama bertahun-tahun, dan mereka layak berada di posisi mereka saat ini,” kata Martinez.

“Saya merasa aspek terpenting yang terus kami kerjakan adalah bermain sebagai tim. Kemampuan individu dan talenta memang penting, tetapi dalam turnamen seperti ini yang paling penting adalah bermain sebagai tim.’

Karenanya, menurut Martinez satu-satunya cara menghentikan Mbappe dan Prancis adalah dengan sekali lagi bermain sebagai tim. Dia percaya Belgia mampu melakukannya dan lolos ke final.

“Itu (menghentikan Mbappe) adalah hal yang sangat sulit dilakukan. Saya pikir tidak ada jawaban mudah soal itu karena Mbappe adalah pemain luar biasa dalam kondisi tersebut (serangan cepat),” tutupnya.

Selain menahan Mbappe, Belgia akan sekali lagi mengandalkan serangan balik cepat sebagaimana yang mereka tampilkan selama ini.

Mandzukic: Lawan Inggris, Kroasia Akan Berjuang Hingga Akhir!

Laga melawan Inggris di babak semifinal Piala Dunia 2018 masih akan berlangsung tiga hari lagi, namun Kroasia nampaknya tidak sabar. Sang penyerang, Mario Mandzukic, juga mulai menampakkan kobaran semangatnya.

Kroasia berhasil mencapai semifinal untuk pertama kali dalam partisipasinya di Piala Dunia. Pada babak sebelumnya, mereka berhasil menumbangkan tuan rumah, Rusia, melalui babak adu penalti.

Perjalanan Kroasia untuk mencapai final nampaknya semakin berat, sebab pada laga selanjutnya mereka akan menghadapi salah satu calon juara, Inggris. Namun sepertinya, The Three Lions tidak cukup untuk membuat mereka gentar. 

Mandzukic mengakui bahwa dirinya masih menyembunyikan penampilan terbaiknya, dan akan mengeluarkan semuanya kala melawan Harry Kane dkk. Ia juga menyatakan bahwa timnya akan berjuang sekuat tenaga hingga peluit panjang dibunyikan.

“Jangan khawatir, saya masih punya sesuatu dalam diri untuk Inggris,” ujar Mandzukic usai laga melawan Rusia, seperti yang dikutip dari Goal.

“Kami semua akan berjuang hingga akhir. Dan dalam kasus ini, meskipun kami kalah, tidak ada yang akan menyalahkan kami,” pungkasnya.

Mandzukic adalah pemain andalan Kroasia yang selalu konsisten bersinar bersama klubnya saat ini, Juventus. Baru-baru ini, ia sukses membawa Bianconeri meraih gelar Serie A yang ketujuh kalinya berturut-turut.

Selama di bawah asuhan Massimiliano Allegri, ia kerap kali dipasang sebagai penyerang sayap. Di sepanjang musim kemarin, pria berumur 32 tahun itu mencatatkan 43 penampilan, menciptakan 10 gol dan juga empat assist.

Griezmann Mengaku Cinta Uruguay, Luis Suarez Tak Terima

Luis Suarez nampaknya tidak menyukai ucapan Antoine Griezmann soal Uruguay. Dalam beberapa hari terakhir, Griezmann mengatakan bahwa Uruguay sudah seperti negara keduanya.

Griezmann saat ini tengah bersama timnas Prancis yang bertarung di Piala Dunia 2018. kebetulan, Prancis bertemu dengan Uruguay di babak perempat final.

Griezmann sangat dekat dengan dua bek Uruguay; Diego Godin dan Jose Gimenez. Godin bahkan menjadi ayah baptis anak Griezmann. Karenanya, Griezmann sampai tidak melakukan selebrasi setelah mencetak gol ke gawang Uruguay.

Griezmann Bukan Orang Uruguay

Suarez mempertanyakan klaim Griezmann soal cintanya kepada uruguay. Pasalnya, Griezmann juga tetap mencetak gol ke gawang timnya hingga Uruguay kalah 0-2 dan tersingkir dari Piala Dunia.

“Griezmann bukan orang Uuguay. Dia orang Prancis dan dia mencetak gol. Dia tidak tahu apa yang haus dilalui orang uruguay untuk bisa sukses dalam sepakbola,” sergah Suarez seperti dilansir Marca.

“Dia boleh saja berbicara seperti orang uruguay. Dia boleh saja punya kebiasaan seperti orang Uruguay. tapi kami merasa berbeda.”

Dalam pertandingan melawan Prancis tadi, Uruguay tidak bisa memainkan Edinson Cavani yang mengalami cedera. Cavani cedera saat membela Uruguay menghadapi Portugal di babak 16 besar silam.

Setelah mencetak dua gol, Cavani harus ditarik keluar dan tak bisa bermain saat bertemu prancis. Posisi Cavani dalam laga tadi digantikan oleh Cristhian Stuani. Suarez mengakui kehilangan Cavani memang memberikan efek besar, tetapi penggantinya sudah bermain apik.

“Absennya Cavani memang buruk bagi kami karena dia memang pemain yang sangat penting. Tapi mereka yang diturunkan sebagai penggantinya sudah melakukan yang terbaik. Mereka sudah memberikan yang terbaik bagi tim.”

Rekor Buruk Selecao dan Catatan Lainnya dari Brasil Vs Belgia

Perjuangan Brasil menambah koleksi trofi Piala Dunia pupus setelah mereka tumbang di babak perempat final hari Sabtu (7/7) dini hari tadi. Wakil Eropa, Belgia, menjadi negara yang mengandaskan perjalanan Selecao di ajang bergengsi tersebut.

Pemain Brasil, Fernandinho, menjadi pembuka keunggulan Belgia setelah mencetak gol bunuh diri pada menit ke-13. Keunggulan pasukan Roberto Martinez itu bertambah berkat aksi gemilang bintang Manchester City, Kevin De Bruyne, pada menit ke-31.

Pada babak kedua, Brasil yang terus menggempur pertahanan The Red Devils berhasil memperkecil kedudukan melalui sundulan Renato Augusto. Sayangnya, Neymar dkk gagal menambah pundi-pundi golnya hingga wasit meniup peluit panjang.

Kekalahan ini menambah rangkaian rekor buruk Brasil di Piala Dunia selama beberapa tahun terakhir ini. Selain itu, ada juga catatan menarik lainnya yang patut anda ketahui. Dilansir dari BBC Sport, berikut di antaranya.

1. Brasil tersingkir di tangan tim Eropa dalam empat edisi Piala Dunia terakhirnya (Lawan Prancis di 2006, Belanda 2010, Jerman 2014, dan Belgia 2018).

2. Ini adalah kali kedua Belgia mencapai babak semifinal. Pertama kali terjadi di tahun 1986, di mana mereka kalah atas Argentina yang menjadi juara seri tersebut.

3. Ini kali pertama Brasil kebobolan lebih dari sekali dalam 30 pertandingannya di semua kompetisi.

4. Belgia baru dua kali merasakan kemenangan atas Brasil, pertama kali terjadi pada laga uji coba tahun 1963.

5. Fernandinho menjadi pemain kedua Brasil mencetak gol bunuh diri di Piala Dunia, setelah Marcelo kala melawan Kroasia di tahun 2014.

Statistik Lanjutan

6. Belgia telah memiliki sembilan pencetak gol yang berbeda di Piala Dunia 2018. Hanya Italia di tahun 2006 dan Prancis 1982 (masing-masing 10) yang memiliki torehan lebih banyak dalam satu turnamen.

7. Renato Augusto mencetak gol saat dirinya baru berada di lapangan selama tiga menit dan 14 detik. Ini adalah gol pertama dalam 14 penampilannya bersama Brasil, sejak golnya saat- menghadapi Peru di tahun 2016.

8. Kevin De Bruyne menjadi pemain ke-100 yang mencetak gol di Piala Dunia 2018 (Kecuali gol bunuh diri).

9. Romelu Lukaku telah terlibat dalam 20 gol di 13 penampilannya bersama Belgia, mencetak 17 gol dan membuat tiga assist.

Persaingan Sengit Top Skor Piala Dunia 2018

Persaingan top skor di Piala Dunia 2018 ini sangat sengit. Untuk sementara waktu, penyerang Timnas Inggris, Harry Kane, menjadi pencetak gol terbanyak dengan mengumpulkan enam gol. Romelu Lukaku berada di peringkat dua dengan kemasan empat gol.

Lukaku, penyerang Timnas Belgia tersebut berpotensi untuk melewati jumlah gol Kane jika mampu mencetak tiga gol ketika timnya menghadapi Timnas Brasil di babak delapan besar Piala Dunia 2018.

Pertandingan antara Belgia menghadapi Brasil sendiri akan berlangsung pada hari Sabtu (7/7) pada pukul 01.00 WIB dini hari. Laga tersebut dipercaya akan berjalan sengit mengingat kualitas pemain di masing-masing kubu.

Lukaku sendiri telah menunjukkan ketajamannya sejauh ini. Penyerang Manchester United tersebut mencetak dua gol masing-masing ketika menghadapi Tunisia dan Panama di babak penyisihan grup. 

Saat menghadapi Inggris, sayangnya Lukaku tak bisa bermain. Ia pun tak bisa menambahkan pundi-pundi golnya. Lukaku juga gagal mencetak gol ketika menghadapi Jepang di babak 16 besar.

Jumlah gol Lukaku sama dengan torehan yang catatkan Cristiano Ronaldo. Namun penyerang Timnas Portugal tersebut sudah tidak mungkin menambahkan golnya karena timnya sudah tersingkir di babak 16 besar.

Pesaing terberat Lukaku untuk menjadi top skor di Piala Dunia 2018 ini adalah Kane (6 gol) dan pemain Rusia Artem Dzyuba. Pemain tuan rumah tersebut telah mengumpulkan tiga gol– sama dengan Kylian Mbappe (Prancis), Denis Chryshef (Rusia) dan Edinson Cavani (Uruguay) yang semuanya masih berlaga di pentas Piala Dunia tahun ini.

Kane bisa jadi akan meninggalkan jauh para pesaingnya jika ia mencetak gol ketika Inggris menghadapi Swedia di babak perempat final. Penyerang Tottenham itu sendiri selalu mencetak gol di enam penampilan terakhir bersama Inggris.
6 Gol: Harry Kane
4 Gol: Romelu Lukaku
4 Gol: Cristiano Ronaldo
3 Gol: Artem Dzyuba
3 Gol: Denis Cheryshef
3 Gol: Kylian Mbappe
3 Gol: Yerry Mina
3 Gol: Diego Costa
3 Gol: Edinson Cavani

Jangan Remehkan Swedia, Inggris!

Swedia akan melawan Inggris di perempat final Piala Dunia 2018 Rusia, Sabtu (7/7) pukul 21.00 WIB besok. Pertandingan itu akan menjadi pembuktian Inggris sebagai salah satu tim kuat di Piala Dunia kali ini.

Walaupun demikian, Inggris pantang meremehkan Swedia. Tim mana pun yang berhasil menembus delapan besar Piala Dunia tentu memiliki kekuatan masing-masing. Swedia pun demikian.

Sejauh ini Swedia selalu tampil rapi, terorganisir dan bermain dengan sangat baik. Para pemain seakan mampu mengejawantahkan taktik dengan tepat di lapangan, bertahan kompak dan menyerang bersama. Swedia dikenal apik saat membangun serangan dari belakang. 

Bek Swedia, Victor Lindelof paham betul kemampuan timnya dan gaya bermain Inggris, dia sendiri sudah belajar sepak bola Inggris bersama Manchester United. Lindelof memperingatkan Inggris untuk tak meremehkan timnya, sebab dia yakin Swedia bisa menang.

“Kami adalah negara yang harus dianggap serius. Kami sudah melawan tim hebat dan mereka kesulitan melawan kami. Jadi, ya, saya bahagia untuk tim ini,” kata Lindelof di tribalfootball.

“Saya rasa akan sulit melawan kami karena kami bertahan dengan sangat baik dan tidak mudah menemukan ruang di antar lini. Sulit untuk lawan karena kami bekerja sangat keras untuk satu sama lain.”

Rusia vs Kroasia, Perubahan Strategi Sbornaya

Tuan rumah Rusia akan berhadapan dengan Kroasia di perempat final Piala Dunia 2018, Minggu (08/7). Sbornaya bakal menerapkan strategi berbeda daripada ketika mengalahkan Spanyol lewat adu penalti di 16 besar.

Melawan Spanyol, Rusia main bertahan. Menurut gelandang Rusia Aleksandr Golovin, pendekatan defensif itu merupakan solusi terbaik untuk menghadapi tim sekelas La Furia Roja.

Namun Rusia sepertinya bakal lebih berani menyerang saat menghadapi Kroasia.

“Spanyol mendominasi penguasaan bola melawan tim manapun di dunia. Kami menemukan solusi untuk itu,” kata Golovin seperti dilansir

Spanyol dan Kroasia sama-sama bukan lawan yang mudah, tapi mereka adalah dua tim dengan gaya berbeda. Untuk itu diperlukan strategi yang berbeda pula.

“Saya rasa melawan Kroasia kami akan mengoptimalkan kualitas terbaik kami dan berusaha main dengan gaya kami. Bukan berarti Kroasia lebih lemah daripada Spanyol. Hanya saja, Kroasia memiliki gaya berbeda,” lanjut Golovin.

“Mereka tak butuh menguasai bola sepanjang waktu untuk menciptakan kesempatan.”

“Ini lebih cocok buat saya. Saya tahu apa yang saya bicarakan. Saya melihat semua pertandingan mereka di penyisihan grup. Saya rasa ini akan jadi laga yang sangat berimbang. Tim dengan karakter terkuat dan menunjukkan determinasi lebih lah yang akan meraih keuntungan.”

Kroasia sudah mengantisipasi kalau Rusia tidak bakal sedefensif seperti ketika melawan Spanyol. Hal ini diutarakan oleh penyerang sayap Kroasia, Ivan Perisic.

Seperti dilansir, Perisic menuturkan: “Kami sudah melihat semua pertandingan mereka.”

“Mereka lebih menyerang di fase grup, dan lebih bertahan saat melawan Spanyol. Kami akan mempersiapkan diri untuk dua gaya permainan mereka itu.”

“Mereka mungkin tak memiliki individu-individu hebat, tapi mereka mengagumkan sebagai satu tim. Ini akan jadi laga yang berat.”

Inggris vs Swedia, Tiga Singa Terlalu Percaya Diri!

Mantan pemain Timnas Swedia, Hakan Mild memberikan peringatan kepada Timnas Inggris. Mild menilai The Three Lions terlalu arogan sehingga mereka berpotensi terpeleset pada pertandingan tersebut.

Berstatus sebagai tim unggulan, Inggris berhasil tampil mengesankan di Piala Dunia 2018 ini. Mereka berhasil lolos ke babak perempat final dengan mengalahkan Timnas Kolombia melalui drama adu penalti.

Di babak 16 besar nanti, Inggris akan berhadapan dengan Swedia. Pada laga tersebut Inggris banyak dijagokan untuk lolos ke semi final mengingat komposisi pemain dan juga performa mereka yang lebih meyakinkan dari Swedia.

Namun Mild percaya bahwa Inggris akan melakukan kesalahan besar jika meremehkan Ola Toivonen dkk. “Mereka [Inggris] tidak takut melihat tim seperti ini, dan itu sangat cocok untuk Swedia,” ujar Mild kepada Mirror.

Mild percaya bahwa Timnas Swedia lebih diuntungkan pada pertandingan ini karena mereka tidak bermain hingga babak adu penalti seperti Inggris.

“Di babak 16 besar, Inggris bermain pertandingan yang panjang dan keras di babak tambahan waktu. Saya juga merasa mereka terlalu percaya diri.”

“Mereka pikir mereka akan memenangkan pertandingan itu. Namun pada kenyataannya mereka akan mendapat kejutan yang tidak menyenangkan nanti.”

Mild juga menilai kualitas Timnas Inggris saat ini tidak begitu bagus sehingga mereka bukanlah lawan yang berat bagi anak asuh Janne Anderson.

“Mereka [Inggris] pikir mereka adalah tim yang bagus, padahal mereka tidak. Mereka hanyalah sekumpulan anak-anak manja yang menghasilkan banyak uang.”

“Inggris adalah tim yang gampang dibobol. Mereka tidak memiliki determinasi total yang baik.” tandasnya.

Jika Inggris berhasil memenangkan laga ini, maka mereka akan berjumpa dengan pemenang duel kuda hitam antara Kroasia dan Rusia.

Yerry Mina Klaim Kolombia Tidak Pantas Disingkirkan

Sang defender Barcelona telah mencetak tiga gol selama turnamen ini digelar, termasuk dengan gol penyeimbang di menit-menit akhir kontra The Three Lions pada hari Selasa (3/7) malam kemarin waktu setempat untuk memaksa laga memasuki perpanjangan waktu.

Namun wakil Amerika Selatan itu akhirnya pun tetap tersingkir untuk kedua kalinya secara beruntun di iala Dunia setelah dikalahkan oleh Brasil pada tahun 2014 lalu, dan Mina mengutarakan kekecewaan besar setelah dikalahkan oleh Inggris.

“Itu adalah suatu hal yang sangat mengguncangkan,” ucapnya kepada Mundo Deportivo. “Kami tidak pantas untuk kalah, kami melakukan hal yang lebih daripada Inggris dan sangat disayangkan bahwa kami tidak bisa memastikan hasil pertandingan sebelum adu penalti.”

“Itu adalah suatu hal yang mengguncang skuat secara keseluruhan. Saya berterima kasih kepada Tuhan karena membolehkan saya untuk mencetak gol penting lagi untuk negara saya, dan saya benar0benar mengira bahwa kami bisa meraih kemenangan di babak perpanjangan waktu.”

Mina didatangkan oleh raksasa Catalan dari Palmeiras pada bulan Januari lalu, namun hanya mencatatkan total lima pertandingan selama paruh kedua musim.

Walau begitu, performanya di Piala Dunia bisa jadi mencuri perhatian sejumlah klub, dan ia mengklaim akan merenungkan sesaat soal opsinya di masa depan.

“Di kepala saya, saya akan kembali ke Barca,” ucap Mina. “Kini bukanlah saat yang tepat untuk membicarakan soal masa depan saya, namun Piala Dunia telah membantu saya untuk menghubungkan dan menegaskan kembali diri saya sebagai pesepak bola.”

Tujuh Pemain Atletico Madrid Berkiprah di Babak Perempat Final Piala Dunia 2018

Hanya tiga pemain asal Spanyol, Koke, Saul Niguez dan Diego Costa yang kembali lebih awal setelah La Roja tersingkir di babak 16 besar oleh tuan rumah melalui adu penalti pada Minggu (01/07) lalu.

Sedangkan Antoine Griezmann dan Lucas Hernandez merupakan yang pertama lolos ke babak perempat final setelah Perancis memulangkan Argentina dalam sebuah laga klasik Sabtu lalu. Thomas Lemar juga menjadi bagian dari skuat Perancis dan baru-baru ini telah merampungkan transfernya ke Los Rojiblancos.

Diego Godin dan Jose Gimenez menjadi benteng kokoh pertahanan Uruguay dan wakil Amerika Selatan tersebut akan diuji saat menghadapi Les Blues pada Jumat malam nanti WIB.

Kroasia juga berhasil lolos ke babak delapan besar setelah menang dalam adu penalti melawan Denmark, dan berarti Sime Vrsaljko masih berpartisipasi di turnamen akbar sepak bola dunia tersebut. Sang bek kanan tersebut telah menunjukkan penampilan impresif di bawah pelatih Zlatko Dalic dan tentunya akan meningkatkan peluangnya untuk mengamankan transfernya seusai Piala Dunia nanti.

Cederanya Marcelo membuat bek kiri Real Madrid tersebut harus menepi di babak 16 besar melawan Meksiko, dan Felipe Luis menggantikan posisinya di laga Senin lalu. Setelah pulih dari cedera yang menimpanya Maret lalu, defender Atleti tersebut bisa fit tepat waktu dan berpartipasi di Rusia, meskipun belum jelas apakah ia akan menjadi starter di laga perempat final kontra Belgia.

Atletico Madrid akan memulai kompetisi lebih awal karena berpartisipasi di Piala Super UEFA dan akan menghadapi Real Madrid pada 15 Agustus mendatang.

Sven-Goran Eriksson Peringatkan Inggris Soal Swedia

The Three Lions melenggang ke babak perempatfinal usai menaklukan Kolombia lewat adu penalti seiring dengan hasil imbang 1-1 selama 120 menit, menjadi kemenangan pertama mereka lewat adu penalti pada Piala Dunia 2018.

Kemenangan itu menjamin tempat mereka di Samara untuk menghadapi Swedia, tim yang dianggap Eriksson sangat hebat dalam bertahan dan etos kerja tim.

Skuat besutan Janne Andersson telah memenangkan tiga dari empat pertandingan yang mereka lakoni di Piala Dunia sejauh ini, hanya kalah dari Jerman, mencetak enam gol dan mencatatkan tiga kali nirbobol dengan memuncaki Grup F dan mengalahkan Swiss dengan skor 1-0 di babak 16 besar.

Eriksson, yang mengantar Inggris meraih 40 kemenangan dan hanya 10 kali kalah di antara tahun 2001 hingga 2006 silam, meyakini bahwa negara asalnya, Swedia, akan menjadi lawan yang berat bagi mantan tim besutannya.

“Sangat menyenangkan untuk melihat Inggris memenangkan penalti, mereka sangat kuat secara mental,” ucap sang pelatih berusia 70 tahun itu kepada Sky Sports News.

“Jika Inggris berpikir bahwa mereka akan melakoni laga yang mudah pada hari Sabtu (7/7) nanti, maka itu adalah kesalahan besar. Saya kira itu akan berjalan dengan sangat sulit. Itu juga sulit bagi Swedia, namun untuk mencetak gol melawan mereka sangatlah sulit.”

“(Inggris) memiliki pemain yang hebat secara individu, seperti Harry Kane dan Raheem Sterling. Namun ketika saya berkata kepada Anda bahwa mengalahkan Swedia adalah hal yang sulit, itu benar. Italia mencoba untuk lolos selama 180 menit dan mereka tidak mencetak gol. Jerman hanya mencetak gol tendangan bebas di akhir laga. Saya menantikan itu, sangat seimbang 50/50.”

Dele Alli Klaim Para Pemain Inggris Abaikan Faktor Kelelahan vs Swedia

Inggris mencapai babak perempat final Piala Dunia dengan kemenangan dramatis 4-3 atas Kolombia melalui adu penalti yang merupakan kemenangan pertama The Three Lions dalam 22 tahun terakhir.

Tim besutan Gareth Southgate memang memiliki lebih sedikit waktu untuk beristirahat sebelum terbang ke Samara dalam dua hari ke depan untuk menghadapi pertandingan kontra Swedia yang sebelumnya mengalahkan Swiss dengan skor 1-0 dalam waktu pertandingan normal selama 90 menit Selasa siang waktu setempat.

Beberapa pemain Inggris termasuk kapten Harry Kane nampak mengalami kram. Southgate mengungkapkan bahwa skuat akan dipantau lebih dekat dalam 36 jam mendatang.

Alli melewatkan dua pertandingan sebelumnya karena mengalami cedera betis dan harus digantikan oleh Eric Dier yang mencetak gol penalti menentukan setelah 81 menit, namun Alli tidak merisaukan kondisinya dan akan siap diturunkan seperti halnya rekan-rekan satu timnya yang lain untuk bisa tampil di babak delapan besar.

Saat ditanyakan apakah ia 100 persen fit, Alli menjawab via The Standard:”Iya, saya sangat kecewa karena mengalami cedera namun saya tidak merasakannya saat melawan Kolombia, saya merasa baik-baik saja.

“Para pemain langsung beristirahat setelah laga kontra Kolombia dan segera memulihkan diri, ini memang waktunya sangat cepat namun kami biasa melakukannya di Premie League, di mana harus menghadapi banyak pertandingan. Kami semua merasa fit, merasa baik jadi kami tidak sabar menanti laga selanjutnya.

“Memenangkan pertandingan seperti itu membantu ada melupakan kelelahan, kami akan segera memulihkan diri Rabu ini, meninjau kembali laga tersebut dan mengalihkan perhatian pada laga kontra Swedia, Kami semua siap.”


Jadwal Babak 8 Besar Piala Dunia 2018

Inggris dan Swedia melengkapi tim yang lolos ke babak delapan besar Piala Dunia 2018. Babak perempat final bakal dilangsungkan pada Jumat (6/7/2018).

The Three Lions, julukan Inggris, menyingkirkan Kolombia di Otkrytiye Arena, Rabu (4/7/2018) dini hari WIB dalam drama adu penalti di babak 16 besar Piala Dunia. Kedua tim bermain imbang 1-1 dalam 120 menit.

Dari lima eksekutor Inggris, hanya Jordan Henderson yang gagal mengeksekusi penalti. Sementara dua eksekutor Kolombia, Uribe dan Carlos Bacca gagal. Inggris pun menang 4-3 dalam drama adu penalti.

Sementara Swedia menyingkirkan Swiss dengan skor 1-0 di Saint-Petersburg Stadium. Gol kemenangan Swedia dicetak oleh Emil Forsberg.

Lihat jadwal delapan besar Piala Dunia 2018 di halaman selanjutnya.

Jadwal 8 Besar

Berikut jadwal delapan besar Piala Dunia 2018

Jumat, 6 Juli 2018

21.00 WIB Uruguay Vs Prancis

Sabtu, 7 Juli 2018

01.00 WIB Brasil Vs Belgia

21.00 WIB Swedia Vs Inggris

Minggu, 8 Juli 2018

01.00 WIB Rusia Vs Kroasia


Kolombia Vs Inggris Ditentukan Adu Penalti

Pemenang laga 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018 antara Kolombia melawan Inggris di Otkrytiye Arena, Rabu (4/7/2018) dini hari WIB, harus ditentukan lewat adu tendangan penalti.

Laga ini berjalan imbang 1-1 hingga babak perpanjangan waktu.

Dua gol yang terjadi pada pertandingan ini terjadi pada masa waktu normal, tepatnya di babak kedua.

Inggris unggul terlebih dahulu lewat penalti Harry Kane pada menit ke-56, sebelum disamakan Yerry Mina pada masa injury time.

Berlanjut ke perpanjangan waktu, tempo pertandingan sedikit menurun dan kedua tim bermain lebih hati-hati.

Kolombia mendapatkan peluang emas pada menit ke-104. Umpan silang Mojica dari sisi kiri mengarah ke Falcao yang berada di kotak penalti.

Namun, arah sundulan Falcao masih menyamping di sisi kanan gawang Inggris.

Pada menit ke-115, Inggris sempat mengancam lewat tandukan Eric Dier yang masih melambung.

Tidak ada gol yang tercipta selama babak perpanjangan, skor tetap imbang 1-1. Kedua tim harus menjalani babak adu penalti.

Kolombia: 4-3-3: 1-David Ospina; 23-Davinson Sanchez, 13-Yerry Mina, 17-Johan Mojica, 4-Santiago Arias; 6-Carlos Sánchez (Mateus Uribe 79′), 16-Jefferson Lerma (Carlos Bacca 61′), 5-Wilmar Barrios; 9-Radamel Falcao, 20-Juan Quintero (Luis Muriel 88′), 11-Juan Cuadrado

Pelatih: Jose Pekerman

Inggris: 3-1-4-2: 1-Jordan Pickford; 5-John Stones, 6-Harry Maguire, 2-Kyle Walker (Marcus Rashford 113′) ; 8-Jordan Henderson, 20-Dele Alli (Eric Dier 81′), 7-Jesse Lingard, 18-Ashley Young (Danny Rose 102′), 12-Kieran Trippier; 9-Harry Kane, 10-Raheem Sterling (Jamie Vardy 88′)

Pelatih: Gareth Southgate

Wasit: Mark Geiger (Amerika Serikat)

Inggris Lolos ke Perempat Final Lewat Pinalti

Timnas Inggris berhasil mengalahkan timnas Kolombia pada laga 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018 lewat adu penalti di Otkrytiye Arena, Selasa (3/7/2018) atau Rabu dini hari WIB

Inggris menang 4-3 saat adu penalti. Mateus Uribe dan Carlos Bacca menjadi dua penendang Kolombia yang gagal.

Adapun di tim Inggris, Henderson menjadi satu-satunya pemain yang gagal mengeksekusi penalti.

Dengan kemenangan ini, Inggris akan berhadapan dengan Swedia di babak perempat final. Sebelumnya, Swedia berhasil mengalahkan Swiss dengan skor 1-0, Selasa (4/7/2018).

Laga antara Kolombia melawan Inggris ini berjalan sangat ketat dan keras selama waktu normal. Tercatat tujuh kartu kuning dikeluarkan.

Inggris mampu mencetak gol terlebih dahulu pada menit ke-56 lewat sepakan penalti Harry Kane.

Namun, kemudian Yerry Mina memaksa laga berlanjut ke perpanjangan waktu karena golnya pada masa injury time.

Pada masa perpanjangan waktu, skor imbang 1-1 tetap bertahan.

Inggris akhirnya berhasil melangkah ke perempat final setelah dua penendang Kolombia gagal mengeksekusi penalti.

Kolombia: 4-3-3: 1-David Ospina; 23-Davinson Sanchez, 13-Yerry Mina, 17-Johan Mojica, 4-Santiago Arias; 6-Carlos Sánchez (Mateus Uribe 79′), 16-Jefferson Lerma (Carlos Bacca 61′), 5-Wilmar Barrios; 9-Radamel Falcao, 20-Juan Quintero (Luis Muriel 88′), 11-Juan Cuadrado

Pelatih: Jose Pekerman

Inggris: 3-1-4-2: 1-Jordan Pickford; 5-John Stones, 6-Harry Maguire, 2-Kyle Walker; 8-Jordan Henderson, 20-Dele Alli (Eric Dier 81′), 7-Jesse Lingard, 18-Ashley Young (Danny Rose 102′), 12-Kieran Trippier; 9-Harry Kane, 10-Raheem Sterling (Jamie Vardy 88′)

Pelatih: Gareth Southgate

Wasit: Mark Geiger (Amerika Serikat)

Babak Pertama, Belgia Kesulitan Tembus Gawang Jepang

Timnas Belgia untuk sementara bermain imbang 0-0 dengan timnas Jepang pada babak pertama babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018 dalam laga yang berlangsung di Rostov Arena, Senin (2/7/2018) waktu setempat atau Selasa pukul 01.00 dini hari WIB.

Pada 45 menit pertama ini, Belgia unggul dalam penguasaan bola dengan 55 persen, berbanding 45 persen milik Jepang.

Tim Matahari Terbit mampu menciptakan peluang pertama lewat tendangan kaki kiri dari Shinji Kagawa.

Namun, tendangan dari mantan pemain Manchester United itu masih melebar di sisi kiri gawang Belgia yang dijaga Thibaut Courtois.

Setelah itu, Belgia mulai menguasai jalannya laga dengan menciptakan beberapa peluang.

Pada menit ke-15, Alex Witsel melepaskan tendangan dari luar kotak penalti, tetapi masih mengenai kaki dari pemain Jepang sehingga arah bola berubah dan menghasilkan sepak pojok.

Andalan lini depan Belgia, Romelu Lukaku, mendapat peluang pada menit ke-16. Dia melepaskan tendangan, tetapi masih belum tepat sasaran.

Lukaku kembali mengancam. Menerima umpan dari sisi kiri pertahanan Jepang, Lukaku menerimanya di dalam kotak penalti, tetapi penguasaannya kurang sempurna sehingga bisa diantisipasi bek Jepang.

Eden Hazard! Kapten Belgia ini melepaskan tembakan mengarah ke gawang pada menit ke-25, tetapi masih bisa ditepis oleh kiper lawan, Eiji Kawashima.

Jepang mencoba keluar dari tekanan dan sesekali melakukan serangan. Nagatomo merangsek ke sisi kanan pertahanan Belgia.

Dia melepaskan umpan mendatar, tetapi Yusa Osako gagal memanfaatkan kesempatan tersebut.

Hingga babak pertama usai, kedua tim belum bisa menciptakan gol dan skor masih 0-0.


5 Fakta Belgia Vs Jepang, Sejarah Samurai Biru

Timnas Jepang harus mengakui keunggulan timnas Belgia dengan skor 2-3 pada babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018 di Rostov Arena, Senin (2/7/2018) atau Selasa dini hari WIB.

Meskipun gagal melangkah ke perempat final, Jepang berhasilkan menorehkan sejarah dengan mencetak gol untuk pertama kalinya di fase gugur Piala Dunia.

Kekalahan ini pasti begitu menyakitkan bagi Jepang karena sempat unggul dua gol terlebih dahulu.

Genki Haraguchi dan Takashi Inui sempat menumbuhkan harapan Jepang saat mencetak gol pada menit ke-48 dan (52′).

Namun, gol Nacher Chadli pada masa injury time membuyarkan asa tim Samurai Biru untuk bisa bertahan lebih lama pada ajang Piala Dunia 2018.

Sementara itu, Belgia dipastikan tidak memiliki banyak waktu untuk merayakan kemenangan ini karena sudah ditunggu timnas Brasil yang lolos terlebih dahulu beberapa jam sebelumnya.

Berikut lima fakta menarik laga Belgia versus Jepang:

1 – Genki Haraguchi menjadi pencetak gol pertama Jepang di fase gugur Piala Dunia sepanjang sejarah.

2 – Belgia menjadi tim pertama dalam sejarah Piala Dunia dengan dua pemain yang masuk dari bangku cadangan (Marouane Fellaini dan Nacher Chadli) berhasil mencetak gol.

6 – Selama Piala Dunia 2018, Jepang sudah mencetak total enam gol. Ini menjadi catatan terbaik Jepang dalam satu gelaran Piala Dunia.

10 – Belgia mengganti 10 starting line-up dari laga terakhir melawan Inggris. Ini menjadi yang terbanyak kedua di Piala Dunia. Pergantian terbanyak dilakukan Spanyol (11) saat melawan Arab Saudi pada Piala Dunia 2006.

12 – Belgia sudah mencetak 12 gol pada Piala Dunia 2018. Catatan ini menyamai rekor terbanyak Belgia pada Piala Dunia 1986.

Drama 5 Gol, Belgia Lolos ke Perempat Final

Timnas Belgia lolos ke perempat final Piala Dunia 2018 setelah mengalahkan timnas Jepang dengan skor 3-2 pada laga yang berlangsung di Rostov Arena, Senin (2/7/2018) waktu setempat atau Selasa pukul 01.00 dini hari WIB.

Pada laga ini, sebenarnya Jepang sempat unggul dua gol terlebih dahulu lewat gol yang dicetak Genki Haraguchi pada menit ke-48 dan Takashi Inui pada menit ke-52.

Namun, Belgia bisa membalikkan keadaan lewat sundulan Jan Vertonghen pada menit ke-69, Marouane Fellaini pada menit ke-74, dan lesakan Nacer Chadli pada (90+4).

Tim Matahari Terbit mampu menciptakan peluang pertama lewat tendangan kaki kiri Shinji Kagawa.

Akan tetapi, tendangan dari mantan pemain Manchester United itu masih melebar di sisi kiri gawang Belgia yang dijaga Thibaut Courtois.

Setelah itu, Belgia mulai menguasai jalannya laga dengan menciptakan beberapa peluang.

Pada menit ke-15, Alex Witsel melepaskan tendangan dari luar kotak penalti, tetapi masih mengenai kaki dari pemain Jepang sehingga arah bola berubah dan menghasilkan sepak pojok.

Andalan lini depan Belgia, Romelu Lukaku, mendapat peluang pada menit ke-16. Dia melepaskan tendangan, tetapi masih belum tepat sasaran.

Lukaku kembali mengancam. Menerima umpan dari sisi kiri pertahanan Jepang, Lukaku menerimanya di dalam kotak penalti, tetapi penguasaannya kurang sempurna sehingga bisa diantisipasi bek Jepang.

Eden Hazard, kapten Belgia ini, melepaskan tembakan mengarah ke gawang pada menit ke-25, tetapi masih bisa ditepis oleh kiper Eiji Kawashima.

Jepang mencoba keluar dari tekanan dan sesekali melakukan serangan. Nagatomo merangsek ke sisi kanan pertahanan Belgia.

Dia melepaskan umpan mendatar, tetapi Yusa Osako gagal memanfaatkan kesempatan tersebut.

Hingga babak pertama usai, kedua tim belum bisa menciptakan gol dan skor masih 0-0.

Pada babak kedua, Jepang membuat pendukung Belgia terkejut setelah menciptakan gol pertama lewat Genki Haraguchi, tepatnya pada menit ke-48.

Mendapat umpan terobosan dari tengah lapangan, Haraguchi kemudian berhasil menguasai bola dan lolos dari penjagaan Vertonghen. Dia pun melepaskan tendangan yang tak bisa ditepis Courtois. Skor berubah 1-0 untuk Jepang.

Tertinggal, Belgia bereaksi dengan melakukan tekanan. Menerima umpan mendatar, Hazard melepaskan tendangan, tetapi masih membentur tiang.

Jepang lagi-lagi membuat Belgia terkejut karena berhasil mencetak gol kedua pada menit ke-52. Takashi Inui menendang bola dengan kaki kanannya dan tak bisa diblok oleh Courtois.

Namun, Belgia tak menyerah begitu saja. Pasukan Roberto Martinez itu berhasil mencetak gol, bahkan menyamakan kedudukan.

Gol pertama Belgia dicetak Vertonghen pada menit ke-69 lewat sundulan. Kiper Jepang, Eiji Kawashima, yang berdiri terlalu ke depan tak mampu menghalau sundulan Vertonghen yang mengarah ke pojok.

Mendapat momentum, Belgia bisa menyamakan kedudukan lewat gol Marouane Fellaini yang mencetak gol via sundulan setelah menerima umpan dari Hazard pada menit ke-74. Skor pun sama, 2-2.

Kedua tim kemudian saling menciptakan peluang. Sundulan Lukaku masih bisa ditepis Kawashima. Adapun Jepang juga merepotkan lewat tendangan bebas yang dilepaskan Keisuke Honda.

Belgia akhirnya bisa memastikan kemenangan lewat serangan balik lesakan Nacer Chadli pada (90+4).

Untuk selanjutnya, pada babak perempat final, Belgia akan menghadapi Brasil yang sebelumnya mengalahkan Meksiko dengan skor 2-0.

Hasil 16 Besar Piala Dunia, Tersisa Wakil Eropa dan Amerika Selatan

Enam negara berhasil memastikan diri melangkah ke babak perempat final Piala Dunia 2018, Senin (2/7/2018) atau Selasa dini hari WIB.

Terbaru, Meksiko (CONCACAF) dan Jepang (AFC) harus tersingkir dan membuat babak perempat final hanya akan diisi perwakilan Eropa dan Amerika Selatan.

Pada babak 16 besar, Senin (2/7/2018), Meksiko kalah 0-2 dari Brasil. Sementara Jepang harus menerima pil pahit karena kalah secara dramatis dengan skor 2-3 dari Belgia beberapa jam setelahnya.

Dengan demikian, Brasil dan Belgia akan menyusul Uruguay, Perancis, Rusia, dan Kroasia yang sudah lolos terlebih dahulu.

Inggris, Kolombia, Swiss, dan Swedia adalah empat tim terakhir yang akan memperebutkan dua tiket perempat final yang tersisa.

Berikut hasil lengkap babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018 hingga Senin (2/7/2018) dini hari WIB:

  • Perancis 4-3 Argentina (Antoine Griezmann-penalti 13′, Benjamin Pavard 57′, Kylian Mbappe (64′, 68′); Angel Di Maria 41′, Gabriel Mercado 48′, Sergio Aguero 90′)
  • Uruguay 2-1 Portugal (Edinson Cavani (7′, 62′); Pepe 55′)
  • Spanyol 1-1 Rusia(Sergei Ignashevich 12′ ; Artem Dzyuba 42′) – Rusia menang adu penalti 4-3.
    • Adu penalti:
    • Spanyol: Andres Iniesta, Gerard Pique, Koke (gagal), Sergio Ramos, Iago Aspas (gagal).
    • Rusia: Fedor Smolov, Sergei Ignashevich, Aleksandr Golovin, Denis Cheryshev
  • Kroasia 1-1 Denmark(Mario Mandzukic 4′; Mathias Joergensen 2′) – Kroasia menang adu penalti 3-2
    • Adu penalti:
    • Kroasia: Milan Badelj (gagal), Andrej Kramaric, Luka Modric, Josip Pivaric (gagal), Ivan Rakitic
    • Denmark: Christian Eriksen (gagal), Simon Kjaer, Michael Krohn-Dehli, Lasse Schoene (gagal), Nicolai Joergensen (gagal)
  • Brasil 2-0 Meksiko (Neymar 51′, Roberto Firmino 88′)
  • Belgia 3-2 Jepang (Jan Vertonghen 69′, Marouane Fellaini 74′, Nacer Chadli 90′; Genki Haraguchi 48′, Takashi Inui 52′)

Jepang Kalah karena Terlalu Percaya Diri?

Timnas Jepang harus menerima kenyataan pahit setelah disingkirkan timnas Belgia pada babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018, Senin (2/7/2018) atau Selasa dini hari WIB.

Kekalahan ini terasa begitu menyakitkan bagi Jepang karena sempat unggul dua gol terlebih dahulu hingga menit ke-68.

Pada akhirnya Belgia berhasil bangkit dan membalikkan skor menjadi 3-2 pada masa injury time.

Menurut Pelatih Jepang Akira Nishino, dirinya memang sengaja tidak mengubah strategi ketika unggul 2-0 karena berpikir masih bisa mencetak gol tambahan.

“Kami (Jepang) ingin memenangi laga ini. Tim kami cukup kuat untuk bisa mengimbangi tim sekelas Belgia.” kata Akira Nishino seperti dikutip dari situs web resmi FIFA, Selasa (3/7/2018).

“Ketika unggul 2-0 dan saya tidak mengganti pemain, saya benar-benar ingin kami mencetak gol lain dan kami memiliki peluang itu,” ucap Nishino menambahkan.

Nishino juga menjelaskan bahwa dirinya tidak menyangka Belgia masih bisa mencetak gol pada menit akhir pertandingan.

“Saya berpikir kami akan melanjutkan hingga masa perpanjangan waktu,” kata Nishino.

“Saya tidak menyangka Belgia mampu melakukan serangan balik yang sangat cepat di akhir. Gol itu mengakhiri pertandingan,” ucap mantan Pelatih Gamba Osaka ini.

Hasil ini membuat Jepang memperpanjang catatan buruknya yang selalu gagal melaju ke perempat final Piala Dunia sejak pertama kali ikut pada tahun 1998.

Menanggapi hal ini, Nishino berjanji timnas Jepang akan lebih kuat pada Piala Dunia 2022 mendatang.

“Saya ingin tim kami memiliki mentalitas berbeda. Saya pikir kami berhasil tahun ini, namun masih ada sesuatu yang hilang. Jadi empat tahun dari sekarang, kami akan kembali dengan lebih kuat,” tutur Nishino.

Di sisi lain, Belgia akan berhadapan dengan Brasil pada babak perempat final di Kazan Arena, Jumat (6/7/2018).

Courtois Mengaku Menderita Saat Lawan Jepang

Kiper timnas Belgia, Thibaut Courtois, mengaku menderita saat melawan Jepang pada babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018 di Rostov Arena, Senin (2/7/2018) atau Selasa dini hari WIB.

Dalam laga ini, timnas Belgia menang dengan skor 3-2 dan berhak atas satu tempat di perempat final.

Meski demikian, Belgia harus susah payah mengalahkan tim Samurai Biru karena sempat tertinggal dua gol lewat kaki Genki Haraguchi (48′) dan Takashi Inui (52′).

Perjuangan Belgia terbayar saat Nacher Chadli mencetak gol kemenangan pada masa tambahan waktu, tepatnya menit ke-90+4. Sementara itu, dua gol penyeimbang bagi Setan Merah dicetak Jan Vertonghen (69′) dan Marouane Fellaini.

Lantaran kemenangan ini diraih dengan penuh perjuangan, Courtois tidak sungkan memuji penampilan Jepang dan mengaku sangat menderita selama pertandingan.

“Saya benar-benar menderita. Jepang adalah tim yang bagus, mereka menunjukkan taktik luar biasa, tiba-tiba bisa mencetak dua gol,” ujar Courtois dilansir dari Goal Japan.

Kiper Chelsea tersebut juga mengaku kebobolan dua gol sempat membuatnya ragu dengan kemungkinan Belgia membalikkan kedudukan.

“Saat kebobolan satu gol, saya yakin tim saya bisa membalikkan keadaan. Tetapi saat kebobolan dua gol, saya pikir itu hal yang buruk dan tidak mungkin (membalikkan kedudukan) karena kiper lawan juga menunjukkan penyelamatan terbaik,” kata Courtois.

Selain kebobolan dua gol, penampilan Courtois memang di bawah ekspektasi jika dibandingkan kiper lawan.

Dikutip dari catatan Whoscored, Courtois hanya mencatatkan 3 penyelamatan berbanding 5 yang dicatatkan Eiji Kawashima.

Selanjutnya, Belgia bakal menghadapi Brasil untuk memperebutkan satu tiket ke babak semifinal di Kazan Arena, Sabtu (7/7/2018)

Gagal Cetak Gol, Lukaku Justru Dipuji Martinez

Pelatih Timnas Belgia Roberto Martinez memuji kualitas Romelu Lukaku saat laga melawan Jepang pada babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018, Senin (2/7/2018) atau Selasa dini hari WIB.

Pada laga yang berlangsung di Rostov Arena itu, Belgia meraih kemenangan dramatis dengan skor 3-2.

Tiga gol Belgia dicetak Jan Vertonghen pada menit ke-69, Marouane Fellaini (74′), dan Nacer Chadli pada masa tambahan waktu.

Meskipun Lukaku tidak mencetak gol, Martinez mengaku kagum dengan peran Lukaku pada proses terjadinya gol kemenangan.

“Gol ketiga kami tercipta dari serangan balik yang cepat. Mungkin hanya 6 detik bola berpindah dari kotak penalti kami ke kotak penalti lawan. Tidak hanya itu, gol tersebut juga diciptakan dengan hanya melibatkan tiga pemain,” kata Martinez dikutip dari situs web resmi FIFA, Selasa (3/7/2018).

“Saya senang melihat Lukaku tidak egois. Dia adalah penyerang nomor 9 kami dan seharusnya dia yang menyelesaikan umpan Thomas Munier. Tetapi, dia sadar posisi Nacer Chadli lebih baik dan membiarkannya mencetak gol,” tutur mantan Pelatih Wigan Athletic ini.

Hingga saat ini, Lukaku sudah mencetak empat gol yang didapat dari tiga laga fase Grup G. Penyerang Manchester United ini hanya tertinggal satu gol dari kapten Inggris, Harry Kane, yang memimpin daftar pencetak gol terbanyak Piala Dunia 2018.

Selanjutnya, Belgia akan berhadapan dengan lima kali juara dunia, Brasil, pada babak perempat final. Laga ini akan berlangsung di Kazan Arena pada Jumat (6/7/2018).

Pelatih Meksiko Kecam Neymar

Pelatih Timnas Meksiko Juan Carlos Osorio mengecam perilaku bintang timnas Brasil, Neymar, pada laga babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018, Senin (3/7/2018).

Penyebab kemarahan Osorio adalah insiden pada menit ke-71 yang melibatkan Neymar dan bek Meksiko, Miguel Layun.

Miguel Layun yang berniat mengambil bola dari sela-seka kaki Neymar justru menginjak kaki pemain termahal dunia itu. Akibatnya, Neymar langsung mengerang kesakitan sambil terguling-guling dan membuat pertandingan sempat terhenti.

Osorio merasa geram dengan tindakan Neymar itu yang menurutnya sangat memalukan.

“Saya pikir itu memalukan untuk sepak bola,” katanya, dilansir dari Sky Sports.

“Kami membuang banyak waktu karena satu pemain. Kami kehilangan gaya kami pada babak kedua karena wasit. Ini adalah contoh yang sangat buruk bagi dunia dan sepak bola,” tutur Osorio menambahkan.

Selama Piala Dunia 2018, Neymar memang kerap disorot karena dianggap bereaksi terlalu berlebihan saat menerima pelanggaran. Bahkan, legenda timnas Perancis, Eric Cantona, sampai membuat video untuk menyindir perilaku Neymar ini.

Dalam empat laga yang telah dilakoni di Piala Dunia 2018, Neymar memang menjadi pemain yang paling sering dilanggar. Dari data statistik FIFA, Total pemain PSG ini sudah menerima pelanggaran sebanyak 23 kali.

Terlepas dari hal itu, Neymar menjadi pemain kunci kesuksesan Selecao melangkah hingga babak perempat final. Terbaru, Neymar menjadi pemain terbaik laga melawan Meksiko berkat torehan 1 gol dan 1 asis.

Selanjutnya, Brasil akan berhadapan dengan wakil Eropa, Belgia, untuk memperebutkan satu tiket semifinal di Kazan Arena, Jumat (6/7/2018).

Belgia Vs Jepang, Siapa yang akan menang?

Salah satu tim unggulan Piala Dunia 2018 Belgia akan menghadapi Jepang dalam babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018.

Kedua tim akan saling bertanding di Stadion Rostov Arena, Selasa (3/7/2018) dini hari.

Kick-off pukul 01.00 WIB, disiarkan langsung oleh Trans TV dan televisi berlangganan K-Vision.

Wasit asal Senegal, Malang Diedhiou, akan bertugas memimpin jalannya pertandingan.

Belgia merupakan juara Grup G yang mengantongi 9 poin dari tiga laga yang dilakoninya.

Sementara Jepang lolos ke babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018 sebagai runner-up Grup H dengan torehan 4 poin.

Belgia yang saat ini diisi oleh para pemain generasi emas akan berhadapan dengan satu-satunya wakil Asia yang tersisa di Piala Dunia 2018 Rusia.

Berikut prakiraan starter, statistik, dan bursa prediksi untuk kedua tim

Belgia (3-4-2-1): Courtois; Alderweireld, Boyata, Vertonghen; Meunir, Bruyne, Witsel, Carrasco; Hazard, Mertens; Lukaku

Pelatih: Roberto Martinez (Spanyol)

Jepang (4-2-3-1): Kawashima; Sakai, Shoji, Yoshida, Nagatomo; Hasebe, Shibasaki; Haraguchi, Kagawa, Inui; Osaka

Pelatih: Akira Nishino (Jepang)



De Gea Jadi Kiper dengan Refleks Terburuk

Kiper timnas Spanyol, David De Gea, menjadi sorotan seusai La Furia Roja disingkirkan timnas Rusia dalam laga babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018 di Luzhniki Stadium, Minggu (1/7/2018).

Duel tersebut berakhir imbang 1-1 selama 120 menit. Spanyol unggul lebih dulu melalui gol bunuh diri bek Rusia, Sergei Ignashevich, pada menit ke-12 sebelum Rusia menyamakan kedudukan pada menit ke-41 lewat eksekusi penalti Artem Dzyuba.

Rusia kemudian berhasil mengalahkan Spanyol dalam drama adu penalti dengan skor 4-3.

Kiper Rusia, Igor Akinfeev, sukses menepis dua sepakan 12 pas pemain Spanyol: Koke dan Iago Aspas. Sebaliknya, De Gea tak mampu sekali pun menggagalkan eksekusi algojo Rusia, mulai dari Fedor Smolov, Sergei Ignashevich, Aleksandr Golovin, sampai Denis Cheryshev.

Hasil ini membuat Rusia menggoreskan tinta emas untuk pertama kalinya melangkah ke perempat final Piala Dunia. Sementara itu, De Gea menjadi sasaran cacian.

Sepanjang Piala Dunia 2018, ada tujuh tembakan tepat sasaran yang mengarah ke gawang De Gea. Namun, cuma satu yang dapat dimentahkan oleh penjaga gawang Manchester United itu.

Dikutip dari situs resmi FIFA, persentase penyelamatan De Gea cuma 14,3 persen alias yang terburuk di antara kiper lainnya. De Gea menempati posisi ke-40 alias juru kunci.

Sementara itu, kiper dengan refleks terbaik dengan penyelamatan terbanyak adalah penjaga gawang Meksiko, Guillermo Ochoa. Dia memuncaki klasemen lantaran melakukan 17 penyelamatan dengan persentase keberhasilan mementahkan tembakan musuh sebesar 81 persen!

Kasper Schmeichel Puncaki Penyelamatan Terbanyak

Pertandingan babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018 antara timnas Kroasia dan timnas Denmark yang bergulir di Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Minggu (1/7/2018), menyajikan pertarungan dua kiper hebat.

Laga ketat ini mesti dilanjutkan ke babak adu penalti setelah kedua tim mencatatkan skor sama kuat 1-1 selama 120 menit.

Denmark sempat unggul cepat melalui gol Mathias Jorgensen yang tercipta pada menit pertama.

Namun, Kroasia mampu bangkit untuk mengubah kedudukan menjadi imbang berkat gol Mario Mandzukic pada menit keempat.

Kroasia mempunyai kans memenangi pertandingan lebih awal ketika wasit Nestor Pitana memberikan penalti setelah Ante Rebic dijatuhkan Mathias Jorgensen di kotak 12 pas.

Namun, eksekusi penalti gelandang Kroasia, Luka Modric, pada menit ke-116 digagalkan kiper Denmark, Kasper Schmeichel.

Partai pun berlanjut ke adu penalti.

Kasper Schmeichel meneruskan kehebatannya dengan mementahkan penalti dua pemain Kroasia, yaitu Milan Badelj dan Josip Pivaric.

Tak mau kalah dengan Schmeichel, penjaga gawang Kroasia, Danijel Subasic, juga unjuk gigi.

Subasic menghalau tiga sepakan 12 pas pemain Denmark, yakni Christian Eriksen, Lasse Schone, dan Nicolai Jorgensen.

Kroasia keluar sebagai pemenang dengan skor 3-2 dan melangkah ke perempat final.

Kendati Danijel Subasic juga menepis tiga penalti, situs resmi FIFA menyatakan bahwa Kasper Schmeichel yang menjadi Man of the Match.

Schmeichel memang lebih sibuk di sepanjang 120 menit dengan menggagalkan enam shot on target Kroasia, sedangkan Subasic cuma menyetop dua tembakan tepat sasaran Denmark.

Kepiawaian di bawah mistar gawang Denmark membuat Kasper Schmeichel memuncaki klasemen kiper dengan penyelamatan terbanyak pada Piala Dunia 2018.

Putra dari kiper legendaris Denmark dan Manchester United, Peter Schmeichel, ini telah melakukan 21 saves.


Fakta Menarik Brasil Vs Meksiko

Timnas Brasil berhasil menang 2-0 atas timnas Meksiko pada pertandingan babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018 di Stadion Samara Arena, Senin (2/7/2018).

Gol Brasil dicetak oleh Neymar Jr pada menit ke-51 dan Roberto Firmino (88′).

Pada laga ini, Neymar sudah mencetak enam gol dari 38 tendangannya di Piala Dunia.

Berbeda dengan Lionel Messi yang butuh 67 tendangan dan Cristiano Ronaldo yang butuh 74 tendangan untuk meraih jumlah gol yang sama pada Piala Dunia.

Selain itu, kiper Meksiko, Guillermo Ochoa, berhasil melakukan penyelamatan delapan kali melawan Brasil, hampir menyamai rekor dirinya sendiri yang berhasil melakukan sembilan penyelamatan pada saat melawan Jerman.

1 – Neymar menjadi pemain yang berhasil membuat peluang paling banyak dengan 23 tendangan dan 12 tendangan mengarah ke gawang, berhasil membuat 16 kesempatan untuk rekan timnya mencetak gol dan dilanggar 23 kali.

5 – Pertandingan terbanyak pada Piala Dunia adalah Brasil melawan Meksiko dengan lima kali pertemuan, disusul oleh Jerman melawan Amerika dan Jerman melawan Polandia yang sama-sama tiga kali pertemuan.

6 – Neymar sudah mencetak enam gol dari 38 tendangannya di Piala Dunia. Berbeda dengan Lionel Messi yang butuh 67 tendangan dan Cristiano Ronaldo yang butuh 74 tendangan untuk meraih jumlah gol yang sama pada Piala Dunia.

7 – Meksiko gagal meraih babak perempat final untuk ketujuh kalinya secara beruntun pada Piala Dunia (1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, dan 2018).

8 – Kiper Meksiko, Guillermo Ochoa, berhasil melakukan penyelamatan delapan kali melawan Brasil, hampir menyamai rekor dirinya sendiri yang berhasil melakukan sembilan penyelamatan pada saat melawan Jerman.

Brasil Lolos ke Perempat Final Piala Dunia 2018

Timnas Brasil berhasil menang 2-0 atas timnas Meksiko pada pertandingan babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2018 di Stadion Samara Arena, Senin (2/7/2018).

Gol Brasil dicetak oleh Neymar Jr pada menit ke-51 dan Roberto Firmino (88′).

Pada awal laga, Brasil dan Meksiko sama-sama berinisiatif untuk melakukan serangan.

Dilihat dari statistik, Brasil menguasai jalannya pertandingan pada babak pertama dengan 51 persen penguasaan bola, sedangkan Meksiko 49 persen.

Sementara itu, Brasil juga memiliki peluang lebih banyak, yaitu 11 peluang daripada Meksiko yang hanya mendapatkan empat peluang dalam babak pertama ini.

Pada babak kedua, Brasil kembali menekan pertahanan Meksiko.

Philippe Coutinho hampir saja membuka keunggulan pada menit ke-48, tetapi masih bisa diamankan oleh kiper Meksiko, Guillermo Ochoa.

Hingga akhirnya, Brasil berhasil membuka keunggulan pada menit ke-51.

Umpan silang dari Willian berhasil dimanfaatkan dengan baik oleh Neymar. Skor berubah menjadi 1-0 untuk keunggulan Brasil.

Walaupun dalam keadaan tertinggal, Meksiko terus menekan pertahanan Brasil. Hingga pada menit ke-53, Meksiko mendapatkan peluang emas melalui tendangan Carlos Vela, tetapi ditepis oleh Allison Becker.

Brasil kembali menekan. Willian mendapatkan peluang dengan melakukan tendangan pada menit ke-63, tetapi berhasil ditepis oleh Ochoa.

Brasil kembali mengancam melalui tendangan kaki kiri Neymar yang masih melebar dari gawang Meksiko pada menit ke-68.

Brasil menambah keunggulan pada menit ke-88. Umpan silang dari Neymar yang gagal dihadang oleh bek Meksiko dimanfaatkan dengan baik oleh Roberto Firmino.

Skor bertahan 2-0 untuk keunggulan Brasil hingga pertandingan berakhir.

Dengan kemenangan ini, Brasil memastikan tiket ke babak perempat final Piala Dunia 2018 dan akan menghadapi lawan antara Belgia atau Jepang.